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Best Bitter Apricot Seeds

Supplements have become a big business over the years because they provide people nutrients needed to maintain overall health. However, there are some supplements that make misleading and unproven health claims. This is why many people prefer the raw kind over bottled capsules. One of the most popular all-natural supplements is the apricot seed. This bitter kernel is loaded with essential nutrients that play a vital role in healthy growth and brain function.

If your goal is to meet your daily nutrient needs the natural way, you can always go for bitter apricot seeds. Unlike supplement capsules that may have ingredients not suitable for all, bitter apricot seeds are raw. Check out our top picks and see their numerous health benefits.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are bitter apricot seeds?

    Answer: Bitter apricot seeds are small but powerful seeds found inside the center of an apricot stone.

  2. How are bitter apricot seeds good for the health?

    Answer: Bitter apricot seeds contain a number of nutritious compounds that are believed to support a healthy immune system, balance cholesterol levels, improve muscle growth, and contribute to healthy skin.

  3. How many bitter apricot seeds should be consumed in a day?

    Answer: Bitter apricot seeds should be consumed no more than 3 seeds per hour, which is up 10 seeds per day.

Our Top Picks


Miracle Farming Bitter Apricot Seeds

  • 100% natural and vegan
  • Pesticide and herbicide free
  • Grown in California
  • Laboratory tested

Each bitter apricot seed contains 20mg of natural vitamin B17 which is primarily used to help support a healthy immune system. The seeds are a completely raw, extremely fresh, gluten free, and GMO free. They are not pasteurized or sun dried to ensure maximum effectiveness. They are packed in resealable bags for ease of use, access, and storage.


Mighty Apricot Organic Bitter Apricot Kernels

  • 100% natural
  • Non-GMO and gluten free
  • Pesticide and herbicide free
  • Vegan and unpasteurized

Certified organic, these bitter apricot seeds are produced without synthetic fertilizers or conventional pesticides. They are grown in a regulated and controlled environment, and manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. These kernels are a great source of amygdalin B17 which has many health benefits. They have not been steamed or cooked to ensure maximum effectiveness. 


Nutriseeds Apricot Seeds

  • High levels of vitamin B17
  • Fresh and raw
  • Carefully selected
  • Laboratory tested in the USA

These apricot seeds are an excellent source of vitamin B17, B15, vitamins E and A, and naturally-occurring enzymes. They are high in dietary fiber, protein, and mono-unsaturated fat. The seeds are air dried and never heated or cooled in order to maintain their peak nutrition levels. They are packed in resealable bags to maintain freshness.


Green Health Bitter Apricot Kernels

  • Certified natural
  • Free from pesticide and herbicide
  • Fresh and air dried
  • Full and big in size

These apricot seeds have not been steamed or cooked, so they retain their full nutritional value. They are high in dietary fiber, minerals, protein, and monounsaturated fat. They are kosher, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free. These seeds are packed in a resealable bag for easy access and storage, and come with an eBook on how they are to be used.


Optimally Organic Apricot Seeds

  • Air dried at low temperature
  • 100% natural
  • Gluten free and vegan
  • Grown in Canada

These apricot seeds are extremely bitter, indicating high levels of vitamin B17. They contain protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins B1 and B6, minerals, and other trace elements. 100% raw, these seeds have no added salt, chemicals, or preservatives. They are organically grown in Canada to ensure optimal nutritional benefits, and are packed in a resealable bag for ease of use.


Richardson Nutritional Center Bitter Apricot Seeds

  • Fresh and raw
  • Grown in California
  • No gluten or GMO
  • Laboratory tested

These apricot seeds contain omega-6s and omega-3s which play a vital role in healthy growth and brain function. Each seed contains roughly 20 mg of vitamin B17 which is among the most bitter on the market. The seeds are processed in a certified organic facility in California, known all over the world for having the best climate for producing the freshest apricot kernels.

Apricot seeds are one of the top 10 superseeds known to provide numerous health benefits. Because they are raw and fresh, you can be sure a supplement that is safe to take daily. Still, it would be best to consult with your nutritionist before you take anything for your diet.