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Best Billiards Cue Sticks

A good pool cue comes in handy even if you aren’t training for the APA or WPA. If you have a pool table at home, you will need several cue sticks for when guests come to visit. When you frequent a pool bar, having your own cue is far better than using an old house cue that’s bent, too heavy, or too light.

If you’re like us who are lovers of the sport, it’s great to have a personal cue that you can just keep in the car for whenever someone invites you for a couple of racks. Take a look at these four cue sticks we spotted on Amazon.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a cue stick?

    Answer: A cue stick is a sporting equipment used for striking balls in pool, snooker, and carom billiards.

  2. What should I look for in a cue stick?

    Answer: You should consider the tip. Tips vary, but if you’re a novice, you’re best off with a medium tip. You should also consider the length of the cue. Most are 58 inches long, but you can opt for a shorter or longer one depending on your body type.

  3. Do I need a chalk to go with my cue stick?

    Answer: It would be advisable to have your own chalk. Chalk adds friction between the cue and the spot, which is why professionals apply chalk to the end of their cue sticks after every shot.

Our Top Picks


Viper Pool Cue

  • Constructed from Canadian maple wood
  • Available in 4 cue weights
  • Intended for high volume use
  • Finished with a leather tip

Have complete control of your spins with this wooden house cue. Choose from 4 cue weights and 3 lengths. Each is finished with a 13mm Le Pro leather tip, 9 layers of varnish, and an ABS bumper. The one-piece construction reduces tension and vibration for an exceptional grip, while the leather tip ensures a solid grip on the ball, reducing miscues.


GSE Games & Sports Expert Pool Cue Stick

  • 2-piece design for easy transport
  • Made from Canadian hardwood maple
  • With multilayer leather tip
  • With quality fiber ferrule

Break balls like a pro with this 2-piece cue stick. The cue shaft is made from A grade maple, while the cue butt is made from Australian hardwood with decal sleeve. It features a stainless steel quick release joint technology and many layers of high gloss epoxy paint finish to prevent fading and warping. Measuring 58 inches long, the cue can be detached for easy storage.


Players Classic Cue

  • Slip-free grip
  • Stainless steel joint collar
  • With Le Pro oak leather tip
  • Available in 4 cue weights

Perfect your bank shots and jump balls with this polished cue stick. It features a black genuine double-pressed Irish linen wrap for a non-slip grip, and a stainless steel joint collar for solid hits. The 13mm premium tip holds the cue’s shape longer for a more consistent play. This heavy hitter is made from 100% maple with a stealth matte finish and sleek wrapless handle.


AB Earth Pool Cue Stick

  • Straight and well balanced
  • Unique hand painted design
  • Durable leather tip
  • 100% Canadian hard rock maple

Practice your trick shots and masse with this glossy and ultra-smooth cue stick. It features a pure maple butt and shaft, a stainless steel threaded joint, and a 13-mm durable leather tip. The genuine double-pressed Irish linen wrap ensures a slip-free grip, and the durable construction ensures no warping.

When finding a cue, it is always best to look for a straight and well balanced one. Make sure it is made of premium materials to avoid warping. Ensure a slip-free grip, because the secret to a great shot is in the hand.