Best Bike Speedometer

Bike speedometers (commonly referred to as cyclocomputers) offer certain features to calculate everything about your trip and your life on the bicycle. Having bike speedometer can help you become better everyday as you are able to monitor your biking improvements each day. Bike speedometers work by clamping a magnet to your bike.

Listed are the different brands and types of bike speedometer you may want to check to know the features that fits your needs.


CAT EYE – Velo 7 Bike Computer – Speedometer and Odometer – Optional Headlight and Tail Light by CAT EYE

  • Long battery life
  • Easy to read
  • Detailed and accurate
  • Theft deterrent

What I love with this CAT EYE Bike Speedometer is that it has detailed and accurate displays of current, maximum, and average speed, total distance, trip distance and elapsed time. It also have a long battery life which lasts for up to 3 years. Because of its larger screen, it is also easier to read even perfect for all ages. It is also theft deterrent that for me, is an advantage of having this bike speedometer. To see actual and comprehensive review of the product. Follow this link.


Bike Computer, Raniaco Original Wireless Bicycle Speedometer, Bike Odometer Cycling Multi Function- by Raniaco

  • Great multi-functionality
  • Waterproof and wireless
  • Easy to read LCD
  • All in One Package

What Raniaco Original can be proud of is their multi functionality. Their device both work as a speedometer and odometer. It is also waterproof and wireless making it more convenient and durable. It also comes with an easy to read LCD with backlight that can be set to green or white. I can also consider this as a good deal for its price because it is an All-In-One Package that comes with a pad, magnet, battery, sensor, cables, manual and remote control. Watch the product’s unboxing and review by following this link.


Planet Bike Protégé 9.0 bike computer by Planet Bike

  • Button less technology
  • Easy to Read Large Display Font
  • Great Functionality
  • Weatherproof

What’s unique with Planet Bike Speedometer is that it has a button less technology. Just like other speedometers you can choose from, it also comes with an easy to read large display font and provides four line macromonitor LCD that shows all data in a glance. It also takes pride with its great functionality as it comes with 9 different functions. It shows current speed, comparator, ride time, distance, odometer, average and maximum speed, clock and temperature. It is also ultrasonically welded to be weatherproof. To see how actual product looks like. Feel free to follow this link.


SUAOKI Wireless 2.4GHz Transmission Bike Cycling Computer with Cadence Sensor Bicycle Speedometer Odometer by SUAOKI

  • Smart Design
  • Easy to Operate
  • On/Off Function
  • Comes with Speed and Cadence Sensor

SUAOKI Wireless Bike Speedometer has a smart design and allows you to unmount the main unit and taken when you are away from your bike. It is also easy to operate because of its two buttons that can be used for switching the info displays and the other one for more options. This can also save you battery when not in use because of its On/Off function. Lastly, it comes with a speed and cadence sensor to accurately monitor and improve your riding experience. How to on installing the product with reviews can be viewed by visiting this link.


SIGMA BC906 9-Function Topline Wired Bicycle Speedometer by Sigma

  • Ability to monitor individual race
  • Innovative Design
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Adjustable contrast of LCD

This bike speedometer is greatly designed and created with ensured quality for bike speedometers. It also have the ability to record and monitor each individual ride, and schedule. A low battery indicator is also good feature but what I loved the most for this bike speedometer is its adjustable LCD contrast that allows readability in different lighting conditions. If you want to see more of this product’s reviews and features, don’t forget to click this link.

The five bike speedometer brands listed above did great to the overall function and quality. The easy to read features for the display is a must for bike speedometers and greatly helps for bikers. Another one is the multifunctional capability of each bike speedometers ranging from different features they have. An ideal bike speedometer must carry these capabilities: easy to read, multi functional, weatherproof and accuracy.