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Best Bed in a Box

Nothing spells convenience more than shopping for stuff online. Online shops provide both the seller and the customer loads of convenience—the former saves up on overhead expenses while the latter gets to save time and effort from hopping to one store after another. Bigger purchases like a mattress can be a pain but with online shopping, you can get it faster, with better deals even. Here’s what you need to know about the bed in a box.

Buyers Guide

  1. What exactly is a bed in a box?

    Answer: Beds in a box refer to mattresses which were compacted then vacuum-sealed in a box before it gets delivered to their buyers. As soon as the buyer receives it, the bed will be unboxed and returned to its prior size and form.

  2. Why choose a bed in a box?

    Answer: Then again, one of the best benefits of opting for a bed in a box is convenience. In addition, these beds often come with great deals—you can purchase them through excellent online deals, get them discounted or use coupons to buy it.

    There’s also less pressure when you buy online. This means no hassles from nosy, aggressive salesperson and no unnecessary sales talk.

  3. What types of beds in a box are available?

    Answer: Here are some of the most popular beds in a box today:

    • Memory foam – The memory foam kind is capable of following the contours of the body, thereby giving full comfort and support for its users. Gel-type memory foam mattresses are also one of the most comfortable and are recognized by the cooling gel contained within its layers.

    • Latex – Latex types are made from natural latex material. This particular mattress not only provides support but also eases pressure points all over the body so you will wake up well-rested and refreshed.

    • Innerspring – The innerspring type are designed with a foundation of separate, wrapped coil innersprings. The innersprings are there to set motion apart for better comfort while sleeping.

    • Pillow-top – The pillow-top kind also include individually-covered coils but with an extra upholstery and foam layer for a softer surface to sleep on.

  4. What features should I look for in a high-quality bed in a box?

    Answer: In order to get a good bed in a box, you need to determine what type of mattress you are after. Check the construction and materials the bed was made of first to assess its quality. Next, you need to check the support and comfort features of the product.

Our Top Picks


Layla Sleep Copper Infused Memory Foam Queen Mattress

  • 10-ft. tall mattress
  • Thermogel cover
  • 3 types of foam layers
  • CertiPUR-US recognized

The Layla Sleep Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress is the bed you are after if you want comfort. The 3-inch memory foam layer has a soft feel and it gives excellent pressure relief. You will wake up refreshed thanks to its 3 supportive foam layers. The Thermogel feature meanwhile eases heat and gives users a cooler feeling even on the hottest nights. Check this one in this review.


Nectar TwinXL Mattress + 2 Free Pillows – Gel Memory Foam

  • High-quality gel memory foam
  • Tencel Cooling Cover
  • Adaptive memory foam
  • Breathable mattress foundation

The Nectar TwinXL Mattress is designed for sleepers who are after the support provided by memory foam. This is also recommended for consumers who want a firmer bed. The bed is composed of high-density memory foams—the gel one aids in air circulation while the quilted foam layer makes the mattress breathable and adds lift. Provides better contouring support and motion isolation. See this at work in this review.


Leesa 10″ Memory Foam Mattress in a Box, Luxury CertiPUR-US Certified 3 Layer Foam Construction, Queen, Gray & White

  • Gives cool, refreshing comfort
  • Plush materials and construction
  • Eases pressure
  • Has dense core support

The Leesa Memory Foam Mattress in a Box is a soft and comfortable bed thanks to its inclusion of base foam, Avena foam and memory foam layers. It can follow the contours of the body for better support. This is recommended for people who like sleeping on their sides. Memory foam is one of the better mattress materials there is. Check how this mattress fares in this review video.


Purple Full Mattress

  • Provides balanced pressure
  • Motion isolation feature
  • Free Air Flow Technology
  • Hyper-Elastic Polymer

The Purple Full Mattress is designed with the innovative hyper-elastic polymer material. This specific material provides the best pressure relief on your shoulders, hips, the lower back and the trunk. It’s capable of snapping right back to its initial structure and conforms when pressure is used. It also wields pressure in areas where you need it. This is a versatile mattress which accommodates all types of sleepers. Get more info in this review.


Brooklyn Signature 11″

  • Skillfully-made
  • Made with breathable materials
  • 3 comfort levels
  • Certi-PUR US-recognized

The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress is a comfort to sleep on due to the TitanFlex foam layer. It eases pressure on all the right spots and accommodates the needs of all sleepers. The product is also recognized by Certi-PUR US and it’s made from the USA as well so this speaks highly of the mattress’ quality. Can fit majority of bed frames from adjustable foundations to boxspring styles. Get more info in this review.

It is time to replace your bed with a quality one. Refer to our list for convenient beds in a box.