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Best Bed Fans for Sleeping

Sleeping involves more than just lying on a bed and closing your eyes. It requires no distractions, no light, and certainly no heat for your body to cool down properly. And, sometimes your room temperature doesn’t give you the right atmosphere to fall asleep. This eventually causes you to toss and turn for so many hours before falling asleep. If this is you, then no worries, we’ve got a solution for you- bed fans.

Bed fans are the perfect solution for anyone who lacks sleep when it gets too hot. It’s also the right solution for people who struggle to sleep with lots of noise. With all the available options on the market today, it can be challenging to choose the right bed fan. Well, here’s our review of the best bed fans for those peaceful nights.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the benefits of using a bed fan?

    Answer: It offers adequate ventilation. A bed fan continually circulates air and thus increasing your room’s ventilation. According to experts, good ventilation can help reduce the risk of SIDS—Sudden Infant Death Syndrome— in nurseries. Second, a bed fan generates white noise, which is effective in helping you sleep. It also cools the air enabling you to fall asleep. A bed fan also acts as a deodorizer, as it can help eliminate or reduce foul odors.

  2. How do I choose the right bed fan?

    Answer: Start by checking the fan’s oscillation. Go for fans that allow you to program the speed and strength of the blade. Second, check the remote control access of the fan. A remote control will help give you the chance to alter the bed fan’s speed and pattern while still in bed. The motor volume is also another factor you should consider. After all, you don’t want to buy a bed fan that makes too much noise. Lastly, look at the placement of the bed fan. Some fans sit between a comforter and sheet or between the sheets. Therefore, consider your options, especially if you suffer from night sweats or hot flashes.

  3. Can a cool bed help you sleep better?

    Answer: Yes, a cool bed can help you sleep better. Lowering temperatures signals your body that it’s late, and you need to rest. This causes your brain, eyes, and muscles to relax. You eventually end up falling asleep.

Our Top Picks


Bedjet V2 Comfort for Beds

  • Between the sheets fan
  • Dual-zone feature
  • Simple setup
  • App control

If you’re looking for a bed fan that’s free from electricity, wires, and tubes in the bed, then you should consider the Bedjet Comfort for beds. The lack of wires and tubes ensures that you are safe when using the fan. It has a base that can perfectly fit under beds with a seven-inch height clearance. Its temperature is also customizable. This fan has a dual-zone cooling feature that allows you to choose different temperatures for each side of the bed, which is perfect for couples. It also has programmable patterns; you can control via an app on your Android or IOS device. Watch this review video for more info.


Ozeri Brezza III Fan

  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Free downloadable Ozeri app
  • Dual oscillating motors
  • 4 speed settings

Ozeri proudly presents the all-new Brezza III Dual Oscillating 10″ High Velocity Desk Fan with Bluetooth. With automatic horizontal AND vertical oscillation, the newly enhanced Brezza III continues to raise the bar in fan performance by delivering the widest distribution of cooling airflow. Built upon the success of Ozeri’s Brezza Series of desk fans, the Brezza III boasts 4 motor speeds, a 4-hour timer, a refined design, and the lowest noise output in its class. The Brezza III’s dual oscillating motors ensure continuous airflow in all directions, liberating you from having to move or turn the fan to change the airflow direction. All of the Brezza’s features can be controlled via the free Ozeri iOS and Android smartphone app, the extended-range remote, or via the fan’s control panel.


Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier

  • Ten airflow settings
  • Easy to clean
  • No noise
  • Remote control available

If you prefer traditional tower bed fans, then the Dyson Cool air multiplier might be a suitable option for you. This fan can create a powerful stream of air without spinning blades that could harm pets or children. It also has ten airflow settings, which you can use interchangeably depending on how hot or cold a night might get. Though it does produce some noise, it does come with a quiet design that ensures you sleep soundly. The remote control allows you to adjust the fan without having to get up from the bed.


Honeywell Quiet Tower Fan

  • Easy to set up
  • Incredibly quiet
  • Remote control
  • Oscillation cooling

The Honeywell quiet tower fan is the perfect example of maximum personalization. It also has the best technology, which ensures you can shut it off without the use of a remote control. At first glance, you notice its sleek profile, which combines with QuietSet technology, to make the fan portable and incredibly quiet. It also comes with eight integrated speed settings, which allow you to have complete control over the fan’s sound and cooling aspects. You can also induce an automated shut-off timer. All you have to do is set it for a particular period, and it will automatically go off. Watch this review video for more info.


Rowenta Fan

  • Easy to assemble
  • Turbo boost feature
  • Sturdy and heavy construction
  • Remote control

If you have a small bedroom and are looking for a fan that will cool you down effectively, then the Rowenta fan is one you should consider. It comes in different pieces and takes roughly 20 minutes to assemble. It’s also easy to use. Its turbo boost feature punches air circulation, ensuring that cool air gets to every part of the room. It also comes with a remote control that enables you to turn the fan on and off without leaving the comfort of your bed. The body is made of heavy metal and plastic, ensuring that it can remain standing at all times.


BrookstoneBed Fan with Wireless Remote

  • Wireless control
  • Adjustable
  • Between the sheets sleeping fan
  • Simple set-up

Unlike the bed fans in this review, it’s possible to place this bed fan between your bedsheets to help cool your body directly. This feature makes it perfect for use by people who suffer from night sweats or hot flashes. You can also adjust it to any height and slip the fan under your bed covers. The fan’s power and speed are controlled via a wireless remote; you can slip under your pillow. Watch this review video for more info.

Waking up with soaked sheets is not fun, but thanks to a bed fan for sleeping. This no longer has to be your reality. Passive cooling measures like cooling pads for mattresses along with the fans mentioned in this article have made sleeping hot a thing of the past.