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Best Beads Set for Arts and Crafts

Children are quick learners. They are able to acquire new skills at a remarkable pace. This is why many parents encourage arts and crafts, because it helps kids develop skills across a range of areas. If you are looking for a good starter activity, a beads set makes a great choice. It helps children develop several skills like fine motor, cognitive, color recognition, hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, and planning. It teaches kids basic math, enhances their visual memory, and taps into their creative side.

When looking for a beads set, choose one that’s complete with all the tools a child needs to create many designs. Having a set that already comes with patterns, templates, adhesive, and cutting tools is much more convenient than purchasing separate tools. To make your search for a great starter pack much easier, we compared different products on the market. See these six beads set that are getting great reviews.

Buyers Guide

  1. What can kids make with beads?

    Answer: With beads, kids can make jewelry, picture frames, coasters, keychains, brooches, spinners, and gift tags among many others. Some beadwork designs even make decorative items that kids can hang on walls, pin on a shirt, or sew on a bag.

  2. What is the recommended age for kids to play with beads?

    Answer: Since beads are small and can be mistaken for food, the recommended age for kids to play with them is 4 and up. However, some sets are safe for younger kids. To be sure, first ask the manufacturer or check the packaging before purchasing any beads set.

  3. Can a beads set help with a child’s social skills?

    Answer: Yes. In fact, playing with beads is a great ice breaker. The use of beads lets kids exchange ideas, appreciate each other’s work, and express which colors they like. This is an activity that can be done alone or with siblings, parents, or friends.

Our Top Picks


Meland Fuse Beads Kit

  • 11,000 pieces
  • 36 colors
  • With pegboards, ironing paper, and chain
  • Easy to use

Make your own unique 3D artwork with this 11,000-piece beads set. It includes 5 pegboards, 2 white tweezers, 1 large ironing paper, 1 pattern design booklet, 5 colorful plastic hooks and keyrings, and 5 chains and ropes. It comes in 36 colors so your child can create all sorts of cool designs. The set helps cultivate a child’s spatial stereoscopic awareness, which also better exercises their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The beads are designed to be melt, but won’t cause a strong melting plastic smell.


Snap Pop Beads for Girls – 730pcs Kids Jewelry Making Kit by Blue Squid

  • 550 multi-coloured snap beads
  • 8 bracelets
  • 4 headbands
  • 12 rings/earrings
  • 160 gem stickers
  • Jewelry box storage case
  • Easy to use

Blue Squid’s jewelry making kit contains an assortment of 730+ vibrant colors and shapes for hours of sensory fun. Perfect for creating your own custom bracelets, necklaces, or rings, all pieces in this set are safe, durable, odorless,and CE certified for guaranteed safe play. Designed to be disassembled and re-assembled 1000s of times, the set is comprised of smooth, beautiful shapes in an array of vibrant colors. Available in pink or blue, this set comes with a durable, see-through jewelry-box case with a sturdy handle designed for easy storage, easy transportation, and easy tidy-up! No more cries of “I’m bored!” – Let your child’s imagination and creativity run free with these fantastic pop beads. 100% risk-free purchase – we’re so confident about the quality of your beads that if you have any issues, we’re happy to provide either a no-questions-asked refund or a replacement.



  • 30,000 pieces
  • With pegboards, tweezers, and ironing paper
  • Includes a travel case
  • Easy to use

Unleash your little one’s inner artist with this beads set. It includes 30,000 beads comprising 5 different glow-in-the-dark colors and 3 glitter colors. It also comes with 6 different pegboards, 2 sets of tweezers, and 30 pieces of iron paper. The set works great with Perler beads so your child’s imagination can run wild. There is an easy-to-carry storage case that has removable dividers and stackable trays to keep all the beads properly stored when not in use. 


CraftyCreations Fuse Beads Craft Kit

  • 10,500 pieces
  • Perler beads compatible
  • 34 colors
  • With pegboards and patterns

Create different characters and designs with this 10,500-piece beads set. It includes all the accessories your kid needs to make dozens of fun projects including 10 ironing papers, 2 tweezers, 1 magnet, 2 keychains, and 2 necklaces. It allows kids to make school bag chains, necklaces, magnetic designs, keychains, and more. Compatible with Perler beads and pegboards, this beads set comes with a bonus PVC carrying case to keep all tools safely organized.


YANSHON Iron Beads for Kids

  • 12,800 pieces
  • 48 colors
  • With pegboards, tweezers, and ironing paper
  • EVA material

Let your little showcase their creativity with this 12,800-piece beads set. It includes square and round Perler beads pegboards, 5 keychains, 5 bulb buckles, 1 ironing paper, tweezers, patterns, and 20 iron rings. It allows kids to create rings, keychains, pendants, 3D designs, character art, accessories, ornaments, and more. The beads are made of environmentally-friendly EVA material, which has the advantages of heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and water resistance. They are non-toxic and safe for children.


YFZYT Fuse Beads Kit

  • 26 colors
  • 7,200 pieces
  • With pegboards, tweezers, ironing paper, and patterns
  • Easy to use

Allow your child to hone their creativity with this 7,200-piece beads set. It includes 10 pegboards, 4 tweezers, and 4 ironing papers. It has 66 patterns to choose from and some fuse beads that glow in the dark. The beads are processed with high-quality raw materials, without any harmful substances. They stick well and won’t easily come off. The template shape is nice and fits well with the fuse beads.



  • 22,000 pieces
  • With patterns and pegboards
  • Perler beads compatible
  • 20 colors

Encourage creativity in the home with this beads set. It comes with 100 full-sized patterns that can be used under the clear board to create beautiful designs. It includes 22,000 colorful beads that will help your little one develop their artistic expression and coordination. Suitable for kids age 5 and up, the beads are made with 100% food grade EVA which is completely non-toxic and safe. The kit comes with clear instructions of use.

With these beads sets, kids will not only be able to exercise their developmental skills but also stimulate their creativity. By creating different patterns in the form of objects, persons, or animals, kids can freely express themselves and unleash their inner artist. We have an entire arts and crafts product reviews section dedicated to products to help bring out the creativity in your family and get everyone together for fun and exciting new projects especially for rainy days when going outside isn’t an option. Doing work like this from a young age definitely helps build discipline, character and flexes creativity muscles in ways that watching TV or sitting at home with an iPad never could. There are so many benefits to doing arts and crafts, especially with beads, that it’s always a great move to invest in your collection for when inspiration hits.