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Best Bamboo Trays

When it comes to serving food and drinks, many prefer the use of trays made of bamboo over other materials like metal and plastic. Bamboo trays are not only beautiful to look at but also durable enough to hold a full meal on one go. Because bamboo is a natural, biodegradable, and highly renewable material, it is not harmful to the environment. It is also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, making it safe for serving dinners.

There are so many different kinds of bamboo serving trays out there, so you shouldn’t have difficulty finding one that best suits your taste and style. However, finding a tray solid and durable enough to last years of use is not as easy. We wanted to make your search for bamboo trays more convenient, so we looked at various products on the market to find the ones that have the most impressive buyer reviews. Take a look at our top six finds.

Buyers Guide

  1. Are bamboo trays durable?

    Answer: Bamboo trays are naturally durable and heat resistant, making them ideal for carrying food and drinks.

  2. Are bamboo trays easy to clean?

    Answer: Bamboo trays are stain and water resistant, making them easy to clean. They can easily be wiped off or hand washed when dirty.

  3. How do you wash a bamboo tray?

    Answer: Wash your bamboo tray in warm water, then soap it quickly. Do not allow hot water to come into contact with your bamboo tray because it can damage it.

Our Top Picks


Bambloom Wood Bamboo Trays

  • Set of 3
  • Multifunctional
  • 100% bamboo
  • Easy to transport

Serve food and drinks in style with this set of 3 bamboo trays. The small tray measures 13 x 9 inches, the medium tray measures 14 x 10.4 inches, while the large tray measures 15.35 x 11.5 inches. Made of 100% bamboo, each tray is renewable, eco-friendly, and durable. Its 2 handles are easy to grip, while its raised edge helps prevent food and plates from falling. With these serving trays, you can enjoy breakfast in bed, TV dinner, and tea time.


Home It Serving Tray Bamboo

  • Large and spacious
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to store

Eat meals in your recliner with this bamboo tray. Made of sleek, natural bamboo, it ensures durability and stability. Its elegant sides with wide handles provide an easy grip, while its surrounding tray lips prevent items from falling over. Measuring approximately 16.5 inches long, 10.25 inches wide, and 2 inches high, the tray provides plenty of room for a full dinner. To clean, simply wash with warm water or wipe with a damp cloth, then store in a dry place.


ProActiveNiche Bamboo Wood Serving Tray

  • Eco-friendly
  • Includes a free artificial plant
  • Stylish and decorative
  • Large handles

Let this bamboo tray be the focal point of your next party. Measuring 11.4 x 15.6 inches, it is the perfect size for serving favorite hors d’oeuvres. It also makes a nice decorative accent piece for your ottoman, coffee table, or dining table. The natural, eco-friendly bamboo wood is durable enough to last a lifetime and light enough for added mobility. The large metal handles offer a sleek, modern look with the sturdiness you will need for serving multiple glasses of your favorite beverage.


Khaki Serving Tray

  • Set of 3
  • Large and spacious
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Smooth texture

Enjoy a nice breakfast in bed with this set of 3 bamboo trays. Made from natural bamboo and renewable resources, it is sturdier and more beautiful than ordinary wood and more resistant to falling than porcelain. Its wide handles provide an easy grip, while its side guards prevent items from falling over. With 3 sizes, there’s enough food serving trays to meet all your needs. The set can be stacked for easy storage when not in use. Each tray’s surface is hand-polished to ensure smoothness.


Bamber Large Bamboo Serving Tray

  • Large and spacious
  • Strong and durable
  • Smooth and sleek
  • Multipurpose

Make serving food and drinks a breeze with this bamboo tray. Handcrafted from carbonized bamboo, it is strong, durable, mold proof, and not easy to crack. It is burnished 3 times, then covered with food-grade coating to ensure a splinter-free and smooth surface that won’t make you lose your grip. The tray comes with 2 handles for easy transport, and its large available area of 17 x 12 inches enables it to hold many things including full meals and snacks. Its no-dead-angle design makes cleaning it a breeze. Just a wet towel will work in cleaning the tray.


Wood Story Solid Wooden Tray

  • Solid and lightweight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to clean

Carry your meals and beverages on this bamboo tray. 100% handcrafted from eco-friendly materials, it is strong enough to carry wines, cheeses, coffees, snacks, and cocktails. The beautiful wooden design creates an attractive accessory for your indoor parties or backyard barbecues. The tray’s 2 handles ensure easy transport of food and drinks, while its raised edges prevent any spillage. Weighing only 2.38 pounds, it is light enough for women, the elderly, and children to carry. The tray is easy to clean simply by hand washing it with mild soap and cool water.

The added benefits of owning a bamboo serving tray are they’re easy to clean, they’re very light, and they do not absorb odors. A heat, stain, and water-resistant material, bamboo as a tray is sure to last you many years of breakfasts in bed and house parties.