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Best Balloon Arches

No party is complete without any decorations. You may have your food, beverages, and dinnerware ready, but without a little embellishment, your gathering will look plain and dull. One easy to way to get creative with your space is with a balloon arch. With an assortment of colors in a single strip, it can instantly brighten up your venue. Because balloon arches are huge and covers a large space, they will work well even on their own. With a simple DIY work on your part, and you will have an instant decoration that will transform your party place from drab to extra fab.

In choosing a balloon arch, you must consider your theme. It is important to ensure that the colors of your balloons will go well with your motif and other décor. Since your arch will be your backdrop, it is sure to be one of the focal points of your celebration. This means, your arch must be exceptionally stunning even from afar. Take a look at these six balloon arches that are getting rave reviews from happy customers.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a balloon arch?

    Answer: A balloon arch is a curved structure made up of various colors of balloons. It is typically used to compliment the décor of an event.

  2. How long do balloon arches last?

    Answer: Helium-filled balloon arches have a short life span of about 12 to 24 hours. This is why they are best only for indoor events that last a single day.

  3. Can I make a balloon arch the night before the event?

    Answer: If you are planning to fill your balloon with air, you can make your arch the day before. However, if you intend on filling your balloons with helium, it is recommended you treat your balloons with hi-float.

Our Top Picks


Fxozru Circus Party Supplies Balloons Arch Kit

  • Pack of 80
  • Latex balloons
  • Thick and strong
  • Non-toxic

Embellish your party venue with this balloon arch kit. Perfect for carnival, circus, or paw themes, it includes a total of 70 latex balloons, 10 circus confetti balloons, 1 balloon string, 1 balloon strip, and 1 dot glue. Made of 100% durable and biodegradable natural latex, the balloons are thick, strong, and non-toxic, making them suitable for celebrations with kids. The garland is very easy to build with no craft experience needed. For best results, create it within 24 hours before the event. It is strongly recommended to fill the balloons with air by electric air pump to save you time.


Treasures Gifted Frozen 2 Party Decorations

  • Easy to inflate
  • Assorted colors
  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Glitzy and glamorous

Decorate your celebration with this balloon arch kit. It includes 75 latex balloons in metallic turquoise, chrome silver, chrome blue, metallic light blue, and metallic white colors; 12 circle confetti balloons; 1 balloon tying tool, 1 glue dots roll, and 1 16-foot garland strip. With glistening colors, the balloons will let you create a backdrop that will surely be the highlight of your special celebration. For best results, test 1 balloon first before the day of the event to measure the heat, humidity, or rain in your environment.


Hibao Purple Metallic Balloons

  • Made of natural latex
  • Strong and durable
  • Nice pastel color
  • Suitable for many occasions

Make this balloon arch the focal point of your party venue. It includes 15 balloons in metallic purple, chrome shiny purple, and purple; 15 balloons in light purple metallic and light purple; 15  balloons in pink metallic and pink; 15 metallic silver balloons; 1 16-foot balloon strip tape; and 1 glue point with 100 pieces. Made of natural latex, the balloons are very resistant and durable. Fill them with air and they will stay full for up to 72 hours. Fill them with helium and they will stay full for 4 to 6 hours. The arch is suitable for any occasion including baby showers, graduations, weddings, birthdays, and bridal showers.


Wonderfulshop Watermelon Party Balloon Garland Arch Kit

  • Pack of 112
  • Includes a 16-foot balloon strip tape
  • Perfect for summer parties
  • Easy to set up

This watermelon balloon arch will surely be a big hit with guests on your next summer house party. It includes 60 10-inch balloons, 20 12-inch balloons, 32 5-inch balloons, 1 strip tape, 1 roll of glue dots, and 1 balloon tying tool. The roll of balloon tape strip is 16 feet in length with approximately 200 holes to easily set up your garland, while the roll of sticky and invisible glue points allow the latex balloons to easily stick on the ceiling, walls, windows, and doors. For best results, blow up different sizes of balloons to get an amazing overall look.


Lovesun Balloons Garland and Arch

  • Pack of 92
  • Nicely packaged
  • With sticky glue points
  • With tape strip

Transform your party venue from plain to fun with this balloon arch. It includes 48 latex balloons in fruit green, tiffany blue, rose red, and light pink; 16 latex balloons in light blue and green; 12 confetti balloons, and 16 latex balloons in beige and white. It also comes with 12 artificial leaves, 1 roll of balloon tape strip, 1 roll of dot glue, 1 balloon ribbon, and 1 tie tool. The tape strip’s double-hole design can hold more balloons, while the 100-piece glue points let you easily stick your balloons on the ceiling, walls, windows, and doors.


BeYumi Minnie Balloon Garland Arch Kit

  • Pack of 115
  • Cool Minnie Mouse theme
  • Suitable for kiddie parties
  • Non-toxic

Your little one will surely enjoy this themed balloon arch. It includes 2 Minnie head aluminum foil balloons, 40 rose red latex balloons, 20 black latex balloons, 30 light pink latex balloons, 10 black polka dot balloons, and 10 pink polka dot balloons. With a mix of different-sized balloons, this arch will give your venue a more lively look. The balloons are made of high quality natural latex and aluminum foil which are non-toxic, thick, and durable. They are safe for children to use and not easy to explode.

An assortment of balloons in different colors will surely add life to your celebration. Place them in a single arch, and your party venue will look more attractive, radiant, and arresting.