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Best Baby Head Shaping Pillows

There are many things parents worry about during their infant’s first few months, and one of them is ensuring their baby’s head shape has no flat spots. While a flat head is purely a shape issue, no one can blame moms and dads for panicking when their little one’s head has trouble rounding out. In such case, a baby head shaping pillow comes in handy. It provides the necessary support to keep a child’s head in the perfect position so as to prevent it from flattening.

When looking for a baby head shaping pillow, one must consider the material used. It is important that the pillow is breathable and provides free flow of air and ventilation. To make the search for a good head shaping pillow much easier for you, we reviewed various items to find the best in terms of comfort and function.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a baby head shaping pillow?

    Answer: A baby head shaping pillow is a soft cushion that provides newborns with efficient head shaping, helping prevent flat head and plagiocephaly.

  2. Can a baby head shaping pillow really fix flat head syndrome?

    Answer: Flat head syndrome is a common condition that affects many newborns. Usually, the condition corrects itself, but many parents turn to a baby head shaping pillows to give nature a hand. According to reviews, a lot of parents see results in just a few weeks.

  3. How do baby head shaping pillows work?

    Answer: By spreading out surface pressure from one spot on the cranium to a much wider area, baby head shaping pillows are able to prevent flat head syndrome in newborns.

Our Top Picks


Bliss n’ Baby Head Shaping Pillow

  • Designed by Paediatricians
  • Prevents & Corrects Flat Spots & Torticollis
  • Organic Cotton
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Longer Stretches of Peaceful Sleep
  • Breathe-through Air Spacer Mesh
  • Machine Washable

Don’t let that beautiful baby head go flat! Designed by Paediatricians, Bliss n’ Baby pillow not only prevents and corrects flat spots or other head shape problems, it also prevents Acid Reflux and promotes Longer Stretches of Sleep, so you can rest better too! Made of organic cotton with 3D Air Spacer Mesh on one side, your baby can breathe through the pillow and it draws heat and moisture away from your baby’s head, keeping it nice and dry to ensure comfort throughout the night. Very durable, it can be washed & dried in a machine frequently to save your time. The special design, soft & fluffy cottony texture gently cradles your baby’s head and mimics a mother’s embrace to provide an extra sense of security to greatly reduce Startle Reflex and crying especially in younger babies, so they can sleep through the night.


AtoBaby Baby Pillow

  • 100% organic cotton fabric
  • Prevents flat head syndrome
  • Corrects baby’s head position
  • Safe and hypoallergenic

Ensure your baby stays comfortable throughout the night with this head shaping pillow. Its scientific 3D concave size and depth perfectly relieve pressure on the head and neck while gently shaping the head to solve flat, skewed, and sharp heads. Recommended by pediatricians, this pillow has a breathable sequential 3D-air mesh construction and is made of 100% organic cotton bonded with sponge. It features a top-grade, slow-rebound soft memory foam to ensure comfort, reducing pressure on the neck and spine.


Jolgoo Baby Head Shaping Pillow

  • Made with breathable cotton
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
  • Extra soft and comfortable

Prevent your little one’s head from flattening with this head shaping pillow. It is made with high-resilience memory foam core that creates a nest-like holding effect due to its unique design and shape. Its special design offers the right support for the baby’s head and neck area, protecting your infant from flat head syndrome. The 95% cotton material is soft and cozy, allowing your baby’s skin to breathe. By creating a cocoon for the infant’s head, this memory foam pillow provides overall comfort.


OCCObaby Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow

  • 100% cotton
  • With luxurious bamboo pillowcase
  • Prevents flat head syndrome
  • Ventilated premium memory foam

Correct mild cases of flat head syndrome with this baby head shaping pillow. Its unique shape coupled with high-density memory foam alleviates pressure from sleeping on the back and prevents flat head syndrome. The 100% cotton inner cover is soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, and free from harsh chemicals. The specially ventilated memory foam will keep your baby cool all night, while the extra shoulder room makes sure your little one isn’t too snug. 


Hidetex Baby Pillow

  • Made of high-quality memory foam
  • 100% organic cotton fabric
  • Soft and breathable
  • Prevents flat head syndrome and plagiocephaly

Protect your baby’s neck with this head shaping pillow. Its concave center keeps baby’s head straight, uniformly disperses pressure on the head, and shapes a perfect head form. The 100% organic cotton fabric bonded with sponge ensures the pillow molds to your baby’s head, guaranteeing long-lasting comfort. The high-quality memory foam is organic and breathable, and the sequential 3D-air mesh construction keeps cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter.


Babebay Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow

  • Made of memory foam
  • Prevents flat head
  • Breathable fabric
  • Solves various head shape problems

Evenly distribute pressure on your baby’s neck and spine with this head shaping pillow. It features top-grade, slow-rebound soft memory foam to ensure comfort while effectively shaping and supporting the head. The all-cotton fabric cover is breathable and hypoallergenic, protecting your baby’s delicate skin. The scientific 3D concave size and depth solve various head shape problems like flatness and sharpness. The pillow’s efficient design makes it simple to insert in any stroller, rocker, crib, swing, or car seat. 


Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support

  • Helps prevent postural plagiocephaly
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Maximizes head and neck support

Keep your little one’s head nice and round with this baby head shaping pillow. Created by well-known pediatrician, Dr. Manuel Maidenberg, it has proven for over a decade to play a key role in babies’ healthy skull development. Its patented design distributes pressure evenly over the skull while letting babies move their head freely. The pillow is made out of luxurious and breathable fabric which is gentle on skin and provides great comfort. Its unique, cocoon-like holding effect helps prevent flat head syndrome.

With these baby head shaping pillows, you can perfectly position your little one’s head and correct mild cases of flat head syndrome. Their ergonomic design is sure to keep an infant’s head aligned with the spine so the head does not misshapen during sleep.