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Best Baby Formula Makers

Even for a first-time mom, the idea of making formula doesn’t look so hard. All you have to do is scoop the recommended amount of powder, pour into a certain amount of water and shake as hard as you can, right? Well, with all the number of bottles you’ll have to make in a day, parents end up realizing how time-consuming formula making gets. 

Also, shaking the bottle doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have a smooth consistency always. This is where a baby formula maker comes in handy. 

What is a baby formula maker? This is a machine that makes baby formula milk by blending the right amount of water with the right amount of powder. And, within seconds, the machine dispenses a perfectly well blended and proportioned bottle. Here’s our review of the best baby formula makers.

Buyers Guide

  1. Do I need a baby formula maker?

    Answer: Shaking up formula bottles by hand is always an option. However, this method doesn’t eliminate the annoying dry clumps or lots of foam that occasionally occur. It also doesn’t get rid of air bubbles, which are a problem for colicky or gassy babies, which is something a formula maker gets rid of. The machine also eliminates the hassle of making several formula bottles daily. This is an advantage for parents who take their babies to daycare.

  2. How do I choose a baby formula maker?

    Answer: First, look at the machine’s functionality. You don’t just want a machine that can only perform one function. Therefore, ensure you check if your preferred machine comes with more than one functionality. Second, check the bottle maker’s capacity. The more the capacity of the machine, the less the times you need to make formula milk daily. Next, look at the type of baby formula maker. There are two types of formula makers: the mixing pitcher and dispenser machine/all-in-one. Of the two dispenser machines are more convenient and easy to use. Lastly, check the material of the machine. Always ensure that the formula maker you purchase is made of chemical-free and BPA material.

  3. What types of formula makers are there?

    Answer: There are two types of formula makers: Dispenser/all-in-one machines and the mixing pitcher. The dispenser machine delivers correctly mixed, measured, and warmed formula at the touch of a button. All you need to do is add formula powder and water to the machine. And, when you want to feed your baby, place the feeding bottle under the dispenser’s tap, press the button, and dispense the formula. The mixer pitcher enables you to prepare large batches of formula you can store in the fridge for 24 hours. You, however, have to warm the milk before giving it to your little one.

Our Top Picks


Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixer

  • Soft-grip handle
  • Can make 32 oz. of formula at a go
  • Locking lid
  • Dishwasher safe

First up is Dr. Brown’s formula maker. It is a mixing pitcher that includes an adjustable stopper and mixing blade. With these two aspects, this formula maker can mix the formula without lifting the blade of the machine’s surface. This process helps minimize air bubbles in the formula. It has a capacity of 32 oz., which makes it possible to prepare large quantities of formula milk at a go. The machine has a locking lid feature that prevents spilling while mixing. Its soft-grip handle gives you a convenient hold as you mix the formula. The mixer’s material is BPA-free, and this makes it safe for your baby to use. The best part is that the mixer can be disassembled and is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean. You can watch this review video for more info.


Baby Breeza Dispenser Machine

  • Compatible with all bottle sizes and brands
  • Three temperature settings
  • Dishwasher safe
  • LCD control panel

If you’re looking for a formula maker that can help make your life easier, especially with a newborn in the house, why not try the Baby Breeza Dispenser machine? This all-in-one machine can mix, heat, and dispense the right formula milk consistency that your little one can enjoy. Thanks to its advanced patented mixing system, you’re certain of a bubble-free and smooth consistency of milk. It also comes with a three-temperature setting that allows you to warm the bottle. You also get the freedom to dispense water and formula or water only. Watch this video for more info.


BabyEXO Smart Formula Maker

  • Digital temperature control
  • Adjustable bottle tray
  • Compatible with all bottle brands and formulas
  • Intelligent sensor

Another excellent formula maker for new parents is the BabyEXO smart formula maker. Thanks to its intelligent sensor, you are guaranteed formula milk that contains no lumps or air bubbles. Another notable feature is the machine’s compatibility with all formulas and bottle brands. It’s also easy to use and can automatically mix formula with a touch of a button.


LivingEZ Smart Formula Pro

  • Smartphone compatible
  • Digital temperature control
  • 8 ounces capacity
  • Compatible with all types of formulas

The LivingEZ is one formula maker that stands out thanks to its smartphone compatibility. With your smartphone, you can turn on and off the machine. You can also use your phone to command the machine to start heating, mixing, and dispensing a bottle with the right temperature and consistency. Its temperature range makes it easy for you to choose the heat depending on how hot or cold you want the bottle.


Munchkin Smart Formula Maker

  • 24 oz. capacity
  • Adjustable time ring
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe

If you’re looking for a formula maker that will do the job fast, especially when in a rush, then you should consider the Munchkin smart formula maker. This machine has a capacity of 24 oz. that is more than enough to cater for a full meal. Its rotating mixing handles give you a blended smooth consistency that’s perfect for your little one. The pitcher also includes an adjustable time ring that helps keep track of when you prepared the formula. You can watch this video for more info.

You certainly can live without a baby formula maker. However, you can’t deny the convenience and ease this machine offers, especially during the first few months of your baby’s life. You can also check out our review of the best baby food makers, as they will come in handy, once your baby starts weaning.