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Best Autofill Valves

If you deal with a dried-up pond every year, then it might be best if you try an autofill valve. This important pond maintenance device will ensure that the water level in your pond says consistent, which is great for your fish and also the plants in your pond. Read on to learn more about autofill valves and our top recommendations based on our extensive research on the topic.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why is maintaining pond water levels important?

    Answer: It is crucial to retain adequate pond water levels especially for ponds with fishes in it. Reductions in water volume usually mean a drop in oxygen content as well. A decrease in oxygen leads to inoperative filtration which can worsen the quality of the water. This puts plenty of stress on the fish since they have to fight with oxygen requirements. Lower water levels also make the water more vulnerable to UV lights, which can bring about other nuisances like weed growth and algal blooms.

  2. What are the causes of dried-up ponds?

    Answer: One of the main causes of reduced pond water levels is natural—the higher temperature in the summer can lead to evaporation. Another cause would have to be the overspilling of water into nearby surroundings. If you’re quite sure that an overspill or evaporation is not the cause, then the culprit may be leaks in the plumbing structure of the pond or the liner.

  3. How does a pond auto fill valve work?

    Answer: The valve has a rather straightforward design and it operates by means of a standard floating device which leans on the pond’s surface water. These valves close or open a door based on the proximate fluid levels. In case of a drop in water levels, the float sinks and this instance lets go of the door, allowing water to run from the hose pipe linked on an intake.

    As the level of the water increases, the floating device starts to rise again and the door closes as soon s it gets to the appropriate water level.

  4. Is it easy to install an auto fill valve?

    Answer: Installing auto fill valves is easy work and it does not require any power or difficult plumbing methods.

Our Top Picks


Kerick Valve MA052 PVC Mini Float Valve

  • 1.5 GPM flow rate
  • 60 PSI
  • Includes tank mount
  • Half-inch NPT male threading

The Kerick Valve MA052 is a versatile piece because apart from maintaining water levels in your pond, it can also be used as an emergency tool used for filling water. The valve is also good for retaining swimming pools’ water levels. The device takes in 1/2-inch NPT male threaded inlet plus free flow outlets. Get more information in this review video.


Rola-chem M-3000-1 Pool Sentry

  • Maintains water levels by design
  • Fastens to heavyweight garden hose
  • Guards pumps against damage
  • Simple tool-free installation

The Pool Sentry by Rola-Chem is used to retain appropriate water levels in ponds, pools or spas. The device is easy to assemble. Users can choose to adjust the float according to their specifications. It is recommended though that users utilize strong, hardwearing hoses for the device since it’s going to face plenty of water pressure. Get more information about the product in this review video.


Staypoollizer Premium with Nxgen Flow Control (White) Automatic Pool Water Leveler by Staypoollizer

  • Nxgen Flow Control
  • Requires no water regulator
  • Durable metal inlet
  • Fresh and saltwater use

The Staypoollizer is a great auto fill device for your pool or pond. This is a hardwearing number that has a solid built and performance. It requires minimal maintenance and does not need any water regulator either. It can be used in fresh and saltwater pools plus its universal frame mounts effortlessly on most pool ledges or decks. Get more insight on this product in this review.


Fill-O-Matic 2000 swimming pool water leveler

  • Fresh and saltwater use
  • Durable rubber base
  • Brass hose connector
  • Stabilized acrylic brackets

The Fill-O-Matic 2000 water leveler for swimming pools is your companion during those hot and dry summer days and nights. It retains the proper level of the pool and it is adjustable from a 2-9-inch extension bracket. The device is made from 100 percent solid rubber base and it also comes with a brass hose connector, stainless steel hardware plus UV-stabilized acrylics. See how this unit performs in this review video.


Little Giant 566286 Auto Fill Valve, 1/2-Inch NPT

  • Compatible with most pond equipment
  • Good for all ponds
  • 1/2-inch NPT valve
  • Adjustable float

This Little Giant auto fill valve for ponds is quite versatile since it is designed for both temporary and permanent installations. It can operate with a good range of skimmers and other sorts of equipment for ponds. This will let water in automatically inside the skimmer vault. The device suits all ponds and it also supports half-inch NPT valves. Get more insight on this valve in this review video.


Laguna Pond Float Valve

  • Unique valve design
  • Adjustable to suit water level settings
  • Connects to most garden hose sizes
  • 1/4-3/4-inch multi-hose adapter

The Laguna Pond Float Valve has a distinctive design which allows the water coming from the hose to trickle in the pond seamlessly. This piece is versatile due to the inclusion of a 1/4-3/4-inch multi-hose adapter; this makes the valve connect to a good selection of garden hose sizes. The device can also be modified in order to fit different water level settings. See how this one works in this review video.

Solve your dried-up pond and pool issues with the help of a good auto fill valve. This convenient device gets rid of the need to keep track of the water level and manually fill it up with water.