Best ATV Sand Tires

In the world of ATV, sand dune riding is one of the most extreme outdoor activites anyone can enjoy. ATV sand tires are perfect for sand hill climbing or sand dragging. They are specifically designed to increase forward traction. For easier steering and control, a specific kind of sand tire is most suitable for general riding.

To deal with the steepest dunes, you need a new set of ATV sand tires. But with all the countless existing types and models, it is pretty exhausting for you to look and choose the best one. For your convenience, we gathered five of the high-quality and best-selling sand tires in the market.



  • High Performance
  • Premium Rubber
  • Smoother Ride
  • Enhanced Skid and Traction Control

Conquer the dunes of sand with SunF sand tires. This type of tire is perfect for straight line racing, sand drag or sand hill climb. It is built-in with a smart design on its tread to meet your satisfaction on the trail. The materials they used to create this tire is highly essential to withstand the harshest terrains. Its ability for quality performance on desert conditions is the reason it has its own seat on the throne. To know more about this product, feel free to check the provided link and watch this video.



  • Chip & Tear Resistant Rubber
  • 6-ply Rated
  • Integrated Sidewall Protectors (REARS)
  • Sidewall Traction

MASSFX proved itself worthy to claim a spot on ATV tire elites. Their tires are built-in with dual compounds and are 6-ply rated which makes no other tires to match its flexibility and strength. It also has special break controls attached for good performance. Step up your sand dune gaming to the next level and consider to choose this type of sand tire now. More product specifications are on this video, please click this link.



  • Good Quality Tire
  • Excellent Price and Delivery
  • Great Traction
  • Tubeless

This well-made tire from DURO works well out there in the dunes. Offered in an affordable price, you can experience the same good quality provided by the expensive ones. Duro’s tire can give you an exceptional stable ride with terrain traction. Its tread is for smooth forward motion, intended solely to slay the deserts. To give you a better perspective, please consider watching the video on this link.


Douglas Wheel Tire (DWT)

  • Extremely Light Tires
  • Awesome Steer
  • Superfast Dune Climb
  • Specially Engineered Compounds

With Douglas Wheel Tire, you will feel like you are only floating in a sea of sand. This type of tire is specifically created with super light tires and high-speed dune climb features to make sure you will enjoy your outdoor experience. With its unique engineered compounds, these tires can transform your sand dune experience into a fun and lit sand ride. If you’re still unsure about this product, you can watch the video on this link for better perception.



  • Ultra-lightweight Tires
  • Ultra-lightweight Rib Front
  • Premium Rubber Compound
  • Reinforced Paddle Design

Experience a new level of sand dune riding with Sedona ATV sand tires. This tire provides you with its exciting features for improve traction. Sedona developed this type of tire to run well in dry light sand, wet heavy sand and even the volcanic sand. Your best pick might be this one. To clear your doubts, you can actually visit this link provided.

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Whether it’s with tube or tubeless sand tire, the products mentioned above can surely offer you the kind of service that suits your customer satisfaction. The choice done above is due to the high customer demands and good product reviews. We are confident
enough to suggest you those top-selling brands for your pleasure and convenience.