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Best Arts and Crafts Storage Boxes and Containers

Creativity is affected by lots of factors. One of them is general tidiness—who wants to work in a slovenly, disorganized area anyway? Thus, if you’re an arts and crafts enthusiast, make it a point to organize your stuff. Invest in quality storage boxes and containers today. Read more tips in our helpful guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What storage containers can I use for storing my arts and crafts items?

    Answer: There is a multitude of storage boxes and containers that you can take advantage of today. Here are a few:
    • Baskets
    • Plastic and acrylic storage drawers
    • Plastic and acrylic stackable bins
    • Plastic storage tubs
    • Acrylic storage bins
    • Y-weave plastic bins
    • Shoe boxes
    • Fabric bins

  2. What are the advantages of keeping your arts and crafts space tidy and organized?

    Answer: Firstly, organizing your things will help you cut back on time spent looking for them. In addition, because you keep those items stored in their rightful places, you can avoid purchasing replacements for them. Keeping things contained in proper storage containers also protect these items from wear and tear.

  3. What factors should I consider when looking for good arts and crafts containers?

    Answer: First, you need to consider the sturdiness and durability of the containers. The storage items should also be capable of securing and protecting more delicate items in your collection. Consider the size and make sure that the size and weight capacity of the storage matches the items you have in mind. Take note if the products have smooth, even edges too for safer handling. Lastly, consider the budget you want to spend on storage.

  4. Any organization tips?

    Answer: For efficient organization, you can color-code or label your containers and boxes. Choose transparent plastic containers so you can identify the container’s content easily without opening it. If you store stuff in a rather damp area, make sure to invest in high-quality, sturdy plastic storage containers.

Our Top Picks


Akro-Mils 10144 D 20-Inch by 16-Inch by 6-1/2-Inch Hardware and Craft Cabinet, Black

  • Organizes smaller items
  • Transparent drawers
  • Finger-grip pulls
  • Comes with 12 bigger drawers and 32 small drawers

The Akro-Mills Hardware and Craft Cabinet is a terrific way to store all of your arts and crafts supplies. The whole cabinet consists of durable, transparent polystyrene-framed boxes both big and small; 12 bigger ones and 32 smaller boxes. If you do not have enough space for storage in your living space, this type of storage system is most welcome. It’s easy to mount on the wall and the see-through quality of the boxes makes looking for certain items a breeze. See more in this review.


AmazonBasics Foldable Storage Bins Cubes Organizer, 6-Pack, Beige

  • Includes 6 storage cubes
  • Strong, breathable fabric
  • Sewn-in handles
  • Lightweight and collapsible

The Foldable Storage Bins from AmazonBasics will make all of your organizing tasks a straightforward activity. No need to search for arts and crafts stuff this time around, having these storage cubes allow you to keep frequently-used items in their rightful places. The cubes are lightweight so they’re easy to carry around and for more compact storage, collapses without a hitch. See how this works in this review.


ArtBin Removable Clear Art Craft Storage Container Box Super Satchel Double Deep, Dividers, Aqua, 6990RH, Clear & Aqua

  • Great for storing bulky items
  • Open Core storage system
  • Built-in handle
  • Sturdy and hardwearing

The ArtBin Removal Clear Art Craft Storage Container features the beneficial, space-saving storage system called the Open Core. This refers to storage without using the unit’s dividers, ideal for keeping fabrics, vinyl sheets, papers and other similar items. Take advantage of up to 8 compartments to store arts and crafts supplies. Easy to carry due to built-in handle, plus plenty of room for bigger items. Get more info in this review.


Creative Options 1363-83 Grab N’ Go Rack System, Soft Blue by Creative

  • Contains two roomy organizers
  • Includes adjustable compartments
  • Pro-Latch locking system
  • Ideal for arts and crafts, scrapbooking, beading

Now you can have all of your crafting, sewing, scrapbooking and embroidery items within easy reach. No more lost items thanks to handy, convenient storage systems like this one from Creative Options. The Grab N’ Go Rack System includes well-built, durable and roomy organizers with adjustable compartments. For extra security and protection, the organizers have the Pro-Latch locking system. Get more insight in this review.


Bins & Things Storage Container with 30 Adjustable Compartments for Storing & Organizing Sewing Embroidery Accessories Threads Bobbins Beads Beauty Supplies Nail Polish Jewelry Arts & Crafts – Large

  • Convenient storage tray
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Multi-purpose organizers
  • Transparent, durable organizers

For practical consumers, multi-purpose organizers are often best buys since you can keep different items on it. The Bins and Things Storage Container comes with 30 completely adjustable compartments where you can keep crafting supplies, items for sewing or scrapbooking and even cosmetics and various sundries. The unit is lightweight, portable and easy to move around. Get more info in this review.


IRIS 12″ x 12″ Portable Project Case, 6 Pack, Clear by IRIS USA, Inc.

  • Includes 6 organizer items
  • Snap-tight closures
  • Stackable option
  • Acid/BPA/PVC/Lignin-free

If you keep losing essentials for your crafting or sewing projects, you really need to invest in quality organizers. The Portable Project Case from IRIS does not disappoint. The case comes in 6 individual pieces and are great for keeping all of your supplies. Safe to use being free from harmful elements like acid, PVC, BPA and lignin. Features a stackable lid design for better organization. See more in this review.

Do not worry about losing your crafting supplies—make organization a rule and invest in high-quality, durable storage boxes and containers.