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Best Artists’ Paintbrushes

The paintbrush is a crucial element in an artist’s collection of tools. Serious artists are often discerning when it comes to the brushes they select—for most of them, the best brushes in the business are considered practical investments. For beginners, we have our guide to help you in your search for the best artists’ paintbrushes.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the different parts of a paintbrush?

    Answer: These are the parts which compose a paintbrush:
    • Bristles – The bristles are also known as the hairs of a paintbrush. They are typically made from natural or synthetic materials. There are also brushes made from a combination of both natural/synthetic materials.
    • Ferrule – The silver-colored part which links the handle to the bristles.
    • Crimp – The part which secures the ferrule of the handle of the brush.
    • Handle – Usually made from either wood or acrylic material.

  2. What are the different artists’ paintbrush shapes?

    • Round
    • Flat
    • Bright
    • Filbert
    • Fan

  3. What materials are paintbrush bristles usually made of?

    Answer: Here are some of the most commonly used materials in making paintbrush hairs/bristles:
    • Synthetic
    • Squirrel
    • Hog
    • Sable
    • Badger
    • Mongoose

  4. Which paintbrush must I use in a specific procedure?

    Answer: As mentioned earlier, paintbrushes come in a wide variety and they have different purposes. Bigger filbert or flat brushes can be used for staining canvasses. If you want to sketch your drawing or composition, you can make use of medium-sized round brushes. For a rough sketch of a landscape composition, you can make use of a fan brush. Color-blocking can be done with the help of medium/large filbert brush. For details, you can opt for smaller round and filbert brushes.

Our Top Picks


Heartybay 10Pieces Round Pointed Tip Nylon Hair Brush Set, Blue

  • Comes with 10 brush sizes
  • Length ranges from 6.5-7.3 inches
  • Made from fine materials
  • Excellent craftsmanship

The 10-piece round and pointed brush set rom Heartybay features a wide selection of artist brushes in different sizes, perfect for creating a nice range of compositions. It is made from prime materials and has a durable feel which undoubtedly makes this set a nice investment for both beginners and professionals. It holds its shape after use and the bristles will not fray nor shed. Get more info in this review.


Crafts 4 ALL Paint Brushes Set 10 Pieces Professional Fine Tip Paint Brush Set Round Pointed Tip Nylon Hair Artist Acrylic Paints Brush for Watercolor Oil Painting (10) by Crafts 4 ALL

  • Great variety of shapes and sizes
  • Rust-free aluminum ferrules
  • Long-lasting wooden handle
  • Easy to clean and maintain

This Crafts 4 All Paint Brushes set feature 12 paint brushes in varying sizes and shapes, excellent for creating lots of textures and effects. The bristles are soft and flexible, capable of holding up well during use. The ferrules are designed to last due to the rust-free aluminum material. The handle is not bothersome to work with since it fits comfortably in your hand as you paint. See more in this review.


Miniature Paint Brushes Detail Set -12pc Minute Series XII Miniature Brushes for Fine Detailing & Rock Painting. Acrylic Watercolor Oil – Art, Scale Models, Paint by Numbers Supplies Kit by D’ Artisan Shoppe

  • Miniature brushes with fine tips
  • Ergonomic triangular handles
  • Comes with 12 brushes
  • Recommended for detailing procedures

If you are on the search for brushes which delivers excellent detailing, then you should pay attention to the XII Minute Series from D’Artisan Shoppe. These are miniature brushes with fine tips, ranging in sizes so you can take on varying details. The brushes are especially recommended for portrait paintings, wildlife compositions, illustrations, for detailing model airplanes, ships, toys and figurines. See how these brushes work in this review.


Artist Paint Brush Set – 15 Different Shapes & Sizes – Free Painting Knife & Watercolor Sponge – No Shed Bristles – Wood Handles – for Creative Body Paint, Acrylics & Oil by Benicci

  • Double-clamped bristles
  • Durable, sturdy ferrules
  • Includes 15 nylon brushes
  • Different sizes and tips

This Benicci artist’s paintbrush set comes with 15 different brushes in varying sizes and shapes. Recommended for both beginners and professionals due to its topnotch quality. These are brushes with nylon hairs that will not easily fall prey to shedding or fraying thanks to its double-clamped construction and strong ferrules. The brushes are 15 all in all and are great for acrylics works, watercolors and more. Get more insight in this review.


Loew-Cornell 245B Brush Set, Pack of 25, Multi Color

  • Great for hobbyists and beginners
  • Comes with wooden handles
  • Good selection of brushes in different sizes
  • Comes with 25 brushes

The Loew-Cornell 245B Brush Set includes a variety of artist’s brushes in differing sizes and bristles, meant to tackle all sorts of textures and effects. All in all, has decent quality that will satisfy the needs of hobbyists, art students and beginners. The wood handles have a durable feel as well. Get more insight on this product in this review.


Paint Brush Set Acrylic Xpassion 10pcs Professional Paint Brushes Artist for Watercolor Oil Acrylic Painting

  • Comes in 10 sizes
  • 6.5-7.5 inches length
  • Recommended for acrylics and oils
  • Nice gift for young artists

The XPassion Brush Set includes 10 pieces of artists brushes that can tackle any acrylic or oil job. The brushes are soft, easy to clean and maintain and will retain its form after multiple uses. This is a great set for hobbyists as well as beginners. Good construction makes for great value. This is an affordable artist brush set for students too. Get more info in this review.

For the best artistic output, make sure to invest in only high-quality, impressive brushes. Our guide is always here to help you determine which paint brushes or artistic brush sets can help you achieve magnificent works of art.