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Best Artificial Plants

Nothing brightens up a room better than a nice houseplant. Indoor plants add life and color to any space, embellishes dull corners, and bring a breath of fresh air. However, not everyone has the time to care for artificial plants. This is why many choose to decorate their homes with artificial plants. Unlike real plants, fake plants do not require water, pruning, fertilizer, or sunlight to thrive. With just a little maintenance and some arranging of leaves, they will look fresh and alive regardless the season.

When choosing an artificial plant, appearance isn’t the only thing to consider. You will want your fake indoor plant to look as realistic as can be, almost indistinguishable from real plants. You will also want the right size so you do not restrict your artificial plant to only one place. This way, you can play around with your interior design whenever you want. We searched the web to find the most lifelike artificial plants on the market. Our top picks are sure to pass for real plants from first glance.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are artificial plants?

    Answer: Artificial plants are imitations of natural plants that are used for commercial or residential decoration.

  2. What are artificial plants made from?

    Answer: Many artificial plants are made from plastic. Some incorporate other materials like paper, silk, polyester, cotton, or rayon.

  3. How long do artificial plants last when placed outdoors?

    Answer: Artificial plants without UV protectant may get brittle after about 1 to 1.5 years depending on the amount and intensity of sunlight they receive. Artificial plants infused with UV protectant can last 5 to 10 years even in the harshest climates.

Our Top Picks


Nearly Natural Ficus Silk Artificial Tree

  • 36 inches high
  • With planter
  • 378 leaves
  • Natural wood trunk

Embellish your home with this ficus silk artificial plant. It is one of the most unique and interesting trees, making it a great décor for your bedroom or living room. It has a natural wood trunk that beautifully twists upward, as well as 378 leaves that will fool even the smartest of birds. This ficus plant features silk-like arrangements that are well designed and constructed to be lifelike in appearance. It comes in a black pot with faux soil.


LuckyGeenery Artificial Succulents

  • Set of 3
  • With plastic pots
  • 4 to 4.5 inches high
  • Realistic appearance

Decorate your living space with this set of 3 artificial succulents. It includes 1 aloe, 1 echeveria laui, and 1 haworthia coarctata with vivid colors and an exquisite workmanship that make them look and feel realistic. Its leaves are made of premium-quality PE&EVA material that is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe for human and pets. The plants come in durable PP pots filled with faux soil. Simply wash them gently with water, then wipe with a clean cloth when they get dusty.


Cewor Artificial Hanging Plants

  • Set of 2
  • 3.6 feet
  • 160 leaves
  • Plastic stems

Add life and color into your home with this set of 2 hanging artificial plants. Each has about 160 fake green leaves made of high-quality fabric. Its stems are made of high-quality plastic and iron wire so they stick for a longer time. Vivid and 3-dimensional, this plant is approximately 3.6 feet long which is just the right length for hanging on ceilings or garden arbors. Its vines are handmade and look like real preserved plants. These plants will never wither, fade, or be easily damaged.


Antspirit Artificial Plants

  • Set of 2
  • No maintenance required
  • Plastic leaves and stems
  • Realistic looking

Bring color and variety into your home with this set of 2 hanging artificial plants. With a lifelike appearance, it makes a beautiful addition to your balcony, fence, staircase, door, or any place that needs a touch of naturalness. Its leaves are made from plastic, and its stems are made from plastic and iron wire. This plant does not require trimming or watering to keep it looking gorgeous for years to come. Should it get dusty, simply wipe clean with a dry cloth.


Ageomet Artificial Plants

  • Set of 14
  • UV resistant
  • Wheat grass
  • No fading

Fill your home with vitality with this set of 14 artificial wheat grass plants. Each bundle has 7 stems, while each stem has dense green leaves. Its total length total length is 12 to 16 inches, which is just the right size for decorating your indoor or outdoor space. Compared to real plants, this wheat grass will not require trimming, watering, or sunlight exposure. It is UV resistant, which means it won’t wither or fade over time. It can resist strong winds and heavy rains, making it suitable as an outdoor decoration.


Flybold Artificial Snake Plant

  • 38 inches tall
  • With optional white pot and black stand
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Realistic appearance

Make this artificial snake plant the focal point of your living space. Standing 38 tall with 28 full leaves, it sure to be the first thing your guests will marvel at when they enter your room. It comes with an optional white pot and a 3-legged black stand with rubber feet for an added cost. This plant is made of new PE material that is odorless and durable. Its pot comes with a real-looking moss that perfectly emulates a realistic ecosystem. The snake plant is incredibly lifelike, requires no maintenance, and will never fade.

Having artificial plants in the home will add vibrance and color to your space. You will be able to decorate your room without worries about insect or pest attacks or the need for daily watering.