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Best Apple Watch Band

One of the main factors that make Apple’s watch series unrivaled is the availability of third-party watch straps. While the series has bands that come in the box, you can replace Apple’s band with something interesting. Due to the massive demand for third-party straps, users have many options. Also, there is no limit on the number of bands one can own.

Buyers Guide

  1. Is it bad to change Apple Watch Band daily?

    Answer:No. The main reason why Apple sells watches that have a detachable band is to allow users to play around with bands. Therefore, changing your watch’s band every day will not affect your watch or your band. Thanks to this fact, you can buy as many bands as possible.

  2. Can you shower with Apple Watch with a band?

    Answer: No. While one of the reasons why Apple watches are popular is their waterproof feature, shampoos, lotions, conditioners, and soaps will negatively affect your watch’s finishing. However, if you get rained or accidentally splash water on your watch, you should not worry about damaging it.

  3. Which apple band is best?

    Answer: There are many good apple bands in the market. Some are from renowned companies, while others are from generic brands. However, all the bands highlighted below are unmatched in terms of comfort, durability, and price. So, any choice will work for you.

Our Top Picks


Vintage Leather Bands

  • Compatible with all iWatch series
  • Looks stylish
  • It has a secure connector
  • Made from genuine leather

The Vintage leather band is a perfect accessory for all Apple Watch users, thanks to its compatibility with all the series. Besides its compatibility, the strap is made from genuine leather, which is durable. It also has secure connectors. The Vintage leather connectors will fit like the original Apple band. While it may be cheaper than other straps, the soft leather makes it an ideal accessory, especially if you love the classic leather touch. 


Adepoy Band

  • The strap has a screen protector case
  • It is comfy and durable
  • It has a security connector and buckle
  • It comes in different colors

The Adepoy Band is a unique addition to your collection of Apple straps. First, it has a screen protector case that makes it easier to use it on any Apple watch series. It is also comfy and durable. Therefore, you can replace your expensive band with zero compromises. Third, the band has a security connector and a premium buckle for easier use. Besides all these high-end features, Adepoy Band comes in different colors.


Casetify Printed band

  • Made from cruelty-free faux leather
  • It comes in different colors
  • Ideal for all types of Apple watches
  • It is durable

If you are looking for a band made from cruelty-faux leather, this band may be a perfect buy for you. While the strap does not have the same durability as real leather, it will last for years before upgrading your Apple watch. Also, it comes in different colors for different occasions. But, the most iconic aspect about this strap is it comes in all sizes. Irrespective of your watch series number, you will comfortably wear this strap without comfort compromises. 


UAG Active Watch Band

  • It is comfortable
  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • It comes in different colors
  • The band is durable

Are you an outdoor person and you are looking for a band for your Apple watch? If yes, the new UAG Active Watch Band is a perfect investment for you. While it may take more time drying, the band is comfortable, and you can wear it for hours. The strap is also durable, regardless of how often you wear it. Apart from its impressive specs, the UAG Active Watch Band comes in different colors. Watch this video for more information.  


Venito Sessa Premium band strap

  • It is high quality
  • Comfortable for all people
  • It comes in unique colors
  • Made from high-quality leather

The Venito Sessa Premium strap is the best band you can get for your Apple Watch if you are looking for quality and comfort. You can wear the band for hours without feeling the need to take off the watch. Also, the band comes in different colors. You can, therefore, experiment with different colors on different occasions. Finally, the high-quality leather makes the strap durable.


Carterjett Apple Watch Straps

  • Lightweight on all wrists
  • Easily adjustable
  • It has more stylish options
  • Durable

The Carterjett Apple Watch Straps is a lightweight buy with some of the most impressive features in a wristwatch strap. For example, you can easily adjust the band to fit your wrist and, therefore, wear it for hours. If you prefer a strap that is different from the other Apple bands, this unit may be a perfect asset for you. The different colors make it one of the easiest bands to buy on this list. Lastly, it is durable, even though the strap is not waterproof. For more information about the strap, watch this video.


Milanese Loop Band

  • It has a sleek design
  • Easily adjustable
  • The band looks premium
  • It is durable

Are you looking for a premium strap for your Apple Watch? The new Milanese Loop Band is a perfect buy for you. The sleek design, for example, makes it stand out from the rest options. While it may not be the most comfortable strap in the market, the adjustability makes it an ideal option if you wear your Apple Watch for hours. Finally, the Milanese Loop Band is durable, regardless of how often you put it on your watch. For more details, watch this video.

If you have an Apple watch, buying an extra strap is advisable for different reasons. Unlike other accessories on the Apple ecosystem, most of the straps and bands are cheaper and customized to match different users’ preferences. The straps outlined above are also comfortable and durable; regardless of how often one wears the watch with them. You can also check out our review of the best fitness trackers for kids.