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Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

If you’ve ever had a late morning, you probably know how waking up late can put a wrench in your entire day. However, for some, this experience tends to be a daily occurrence. And, with every late morning you have, your productivity ends up being dented. According to statistics, chronic snoozing or not hearing the alarm clock is a problem for over 20% of people.

However, there’s an easy fix other than setting multiple alarms every morning. The solution is an alarm clock for heavy sleepers. With this type of alarm clock, you not only get to wake up early; but you also get to start your day in the right way.

With the many types of alarm clocks, it’s challenging to figure out which ones to purchase. So to help make your decision easier, here’s our review of the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why don’t I hear my alarm clock?

    Answer: The obvious answer might be that the alarm isn’t loud enough. For heavy sleepers, having an alarm clock that has a low volume can mean many late mornings. Another reason is an unhealthy sleep routine. Sleeping late might feel like pure bliss; but, in reality, it can have a negative effect on your morning hours. It also interferes with the quality of your sleep. The last most probable reason for not hearing your alarm clock is sleep deprivation. The higher your sleep deprivation, the more your body craves sleep. If you’re running empty, then your body is going to need more time to catch up on sleep.

  2. What factors should I consider when choosing an alarm clock for heavy sleepers?

    Answer: First, check if it comes with a no snooze function. Snooze addicts will appreciate this one feature. Without a snooze function, the alarm function can jolt you awake immediately. Second, the alarm clock should have extremely high sounds. Go for an alarm clock with over 100 dB. However, make sure you warn your neighbor first. If light and sound aren’t enough, then you can go for an alarm clock with a vibrating function. Lastly, check if the device is analog or digital. Digital clocks are easy to read and set, but analog clocks are louder and excellent choices for deep sleepers.

  3. How do I stop sleeping through my alarm?

    Answer: You can start by having an alarm clock for heavy sleepers. Besides having an alarm clock, you can ask a family member or friend to wake you up. It also helps to have a healthy sleep routine. Start by going to bed early, as this makes it easier for you to wake up the next day.

Our Top Picks


Sonic Alert Alarm Clock

  • Loud alarm sounds
  • Easy to use
  • Battery backup
  • 113 Decibel

If you have the tendency of scheduling four alarms every morning ten minutes apart and don’t wake up, you might want to try the Sonic Alert Alarm clock. This device has a 113 decibel, which is more than enough sound to wake anyone up. It also comes with flashing lights and a 12-volt vibration that’s enough to deliver a full sensory message to your brain for you to wake up. The battery backup ensures you never have an excuse to set your alarm. You can watch this review video for more info.


Travelwey Home Alarm Clock

  • Two speakers on each side
  • LED display
  • Night light
  • Dimmer option

Another alarm clock that’s know to get heavy sleepers out of bed immediately is the Travelwey alarm clock. This device has two speakers on each side that help amplify the alarm noise every time it rings. With double the noise, you certainly can’t resist getting up. It also comes with a night light option that can stay on an entire night, especially if you’re afraid of the dark. Its LED display makes it easy to read the clock, even from a distance. Watch this video for more info.


Screaming Meanie Alarm Clock

  • Three loud levels
  • Multi-purpose alarm
  • 120 decibels
  • Travel-friendly

If you’re looking for an alarm clock that’s louder than ambulance sirens, why not try the Screaming Meanie Alarm clock? As the name suggests, it has a whopping 120 decibels, and this is loud. It’s also travel-friendly thanks to its compact size, as it fits easily in any carry-on. 


Swivel Base Alarm Clock

  • Simple to operate
  • 4-inch screen
  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable volume

Sometimes, finding alarm clocks that are not only loud enough; but also affordable can be a challenge. However, the Swivel Base Alarm combines both aspects. While it’s loud; it does come with adjustable volume. It also has a four-inch screen that’s proved to be quite useful when reading time from a distance. Its snooze feature button sits at the top of the clock, making it easy to access. However, make sure you don’t constantly try to reach for it. You can watch this review video for more info.


Twin Bell Analog Alarm

  • Silent ticking
  • Analog design
  • Two dials for easy setting
  • Individual alarm switching

Last up is the Twin Bell Analog Alarm. This device has a retro look that gives old-fashioned device lovers a nostalgic feel. It has a twin bell design and a mini-hammer that offers the extra loud ringing you expect to hear from a heavy sleeper’s alarm. It also does not come with a snooze button, meaning that you will not keep on postponing the time you wake up. Its two dials make it easy to set the clock. It also has a large display that makes it easy to see the time at a distance.

You no longer have to sleep for hours and ruin your morning, thanks to these alarm clocks. You can also check out our review of bed fans for sleeping, as heat could be another reason you aren’t getting sufficient sleep.