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Best Adult Bibs

It’s not just babies that are messy eaters! Grandpa is also known to stain his shirt and pants while eating more messy meals (think grandma’s lasagna) and guess who’s stuck trying to get those stains out! An adult bib is definitely the answer for families with a loved one who is starting to lose some control of their motor functions and coordination. These bibs are larger than the ones for babies, but just as easy to use. We’ve compiled our top picks into a handy buyer’s guide, and are excited to present to you some options that are going to make laundry duty a little easier in your household.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is an adult bib?

    Answer: Adult bibs are also known as clothing protectors and they promote socialization and a sense of dignity and pride for those with trouble eating. They are designed to help caregivers when feeding people with disabilities. Caregivers on the other hand will save clean up time while feeding with these washable adult bibs. Adult bibs are often utilized by adults in medical facilities or at home who may suffer from various medical conditions, physical disabilities or aging issues.

  2. What are the types of adult bib?

    Answer: Adult bibs can be made of terrycloth for softness and can cover a large area for clothing protection. They can be reversible with terrycloth on one side and vinyl on the other side. All vinyl to help protect the clothing from spills that can ruin garments. Disposable bibs are also available to help reduce messes at mealtimes. Banana style bibs preserve an individuals dignity as the design does not look like a bib at all.

  3. What should be considered when buying an adult bib?

    Answer: Safety is the most important to consider, especially the closure. Size is next, which should not be too small or too large. Fabric is another factor that should be considered.

  4. Are adult bibs now considered fashionable?

    Answer: Yes, they are fashionable and yet functional.

Our Top Picks


DinerWear Cravaat – Fashionable Adult Bib Dining Scarf

  • Fashionable & incognito
  • Stain resistant & machine washable
  • Spills wipe clean
  • Made in the USA

Cravaat by DinerWear® is a fashionable dining scarf that blends with your outfit, so no one knows you’re wearing a bib. It’s so stylish, it’s great for all ages. The soft suede-like microfiber is soft and durable, withstanding excessive washing. Comes in an elegant organza bag that’s great for gift-giving. Pick from a wide range of colors/prints to match any outfit


Deluxe Adult Terry Cloth Bibs by BELLA KLINE DESIGN

  • 100% Cotton Terry Adult BIBS
  • Protects clothing and catches stains.
  • velcro Closure for Easy Use
  • Custom fitted neck piece

Deluxe Adult Terry Cloth Bibs by BELLA KLINE DESIGN are designed not just for adults but for the whole family as well since it could save many shirts and blouses from stains. This bib is of good quality, easy to clean, and extremely helpful for the older people especially when they are eating. It closes easily and covers a larger area than most bibs.


Utopia Towels 3 Pack Premium Quality Adult Terry Cloth Bibs by Utopia Towels

  • Three adult cotton terry bibs in blue color
  • Woven with 100% cotton spun at the ring
  • Made from natural materials and free from harmful chemicals
  • Machine washable, tumble dryable at low temperature

Utopia Towels 3 Pack Premium Quality Adult Terry Cloth Bibs by Utopia Towels protects against spills and scalds to leave a lasting impact. The size of the neck, width and length are great. These bibs catch all their messes, from dropped food to liquid spills.


Priva Extra Long Paisley Waterproof Mealtime Protector

  • Protects against spills and scalding
  • Comfortable adjustable neck closure
  • Lasts over 300 washes
  • Machine washer and dryer friendly

Priva’s Extra Long Paisley Waterproof Mealtime Protector Adult Bib has an extra long design that provides full protection for your chest and lap. It is specially design to outlast all other brands which saves you from spending more money. It is sturdy, snaps stay closed and really great for special needs.


Terry Cotton Adult Bib (3Pk) by Elaine Karen

  • Bibs are made of 100% Cotton
  • Easy velcro closure
  • Machine washable
  • Measure 18” x 30” inches

Terry Cotton Adult Bib by Elaine Karen has strong Velcro, and it stays perfect even after washing multiple times. It is perfect for all types of adults with disabilities, whether they are in a wheelchair, bed or not. Fabric used can withstand repeated laundering. Bibs are backed by a 30 day warranty. These bibs have proven to attach and detach well.