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Best Adhesive Mounting Disks for Car Dashboards

When it comes to mounting devices on car dashboards, some vehicle owners prefer the use adhesive mounting disks over suction cup mounts. While the latter is easy to remove and leaves no residues, extreme heat or cold can cause it to fall, possibly scratching your device. Adhesive mounting disks, on the other hand, stick well even on vertical surfaces like windshields. You never have to worry about humps and bumps causing your GPS or smartphone to fall off your dashboard.

Finding a good adhesive mounting disk is not easy because not all are the same. Some adhesives leave traces of glue when removed, and some are very difficult to lift no matter how generous the amount of rubbing alcohol you apply on them. We wanted to make the search for adhesive mounting disks easier for you, so we reviewed several products on the market to find the best in terms of strength and ease of removal.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are adhesive mounting disks?

    Answer: Adhesive mounting disks are round, sticky disks used for mounting smartphones and tablets to a car’s dashboard.

  2. Are adhesive mounting disks universal?

    Answer: Many adhesive mounting disks have wide compatibility, working well with most windshield suction mounting pedestals including those for Garmin and TomTom GPS devices.

  3. How do you apply an adhesive mounting disk?

    Answer: Simply remove the paper backing from the back of the adhesive mounting disk, then place and press it down on a previously-cleaned surface.

Our Top Picks


Randconcept Dashboard Pad Mounting Disk

  • Wide compatibility
  • Smooth and flat surface
  • 3M VHB adhesive
  • Strong and sticky material

Say goodbye to dropping phone holders while driving with this adhesive mounting disk. It fits any suction cup mount measuring 90mm in diameter. Its upper part PVC plate provides a smooth and flat surface, while its bottom 3M PE foam adhesive stays fixed on any textured surface. The adhesive is an enhanced version of the white adhesive, performing well even in hot and cold weather or climates. No matter how many bumps you hit, this sticky disc will ensure for your phone holder stays firmly attached to your car dashboard.


Crossery Adhesive Mounting Disk

  • Compatible with Garmin and Tom Tom GPS
  • Pack of 2
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Leaves no damage

Conveniently view your messages without taking your eyes off the road with this adhesive mounting disk. It fits any 60mm suction mount for smartphones, car cameras, and GPS. Its strong adhesive ensures your device won’t melt or lose its strength under the heat of the sun, or drop even if it is placed on your windshield. With a fairly large size, the mounting disk ensures a secure attachment so the pedestal won’t fall off. The adhesive sticks to vertical surfaces, soft touch dashboards, and windshields. While the adhesive is strong, the disk can still be lifted effortlessly without leaving any residue.  


Woleyi Adhesive Mounting Disk

  • Pack of 3
  • US genuine 3M materials
  • Super sticky adhesive
  • Easy to install

Hold your GPS and phone cradle with this adhesive mounting disk. It fits all suction cup mounts with a diameter of 3.6 inches. The ultra-sticky adhesive supports your suction mount securely on your dashboard. The mounting disk comes with a notch at the bottom for quick release when no longer needed. To install, simply clean your car’s dashboard, remove the protective cover on the base of the disk, press the disk to the dashboard for about 30 seconds, then attach the suction mount on the disk.


AEBTYKJ Adhesive Mounting Disk for Car Dashboards

  • Wide compatibility
  • Good stability
  • Good adhesion at high and low temperatures
  • 3M PE foam

Ensure your GPS stays in place even on rough surfaces with this adhesive mounting disk. Made from ABS material, it has a 3M PE foam back glue and thickness of 3.99mm. The disk diameter is 80mm, while the 3M adhesive diameter is 69mm. The center console base has good initial tack and holding viscosity, adhering well to plastic and rubber surfaces. This mounting disk has a good adhesion at high temperatures of  +80°C to low temperatures of -20°C. A protective film is added to prevent the disk from being scratched. The disk is packed in a PE bag.


APPS2Car Dashboard Mount Disk

  • Pack of 2
  • Suitable for every suction mount
  • Easy to install
  • Works on any smooth surface

Attach your phone holder to this adhesive mounting disk. Measuring about 70mm in diameter, it works with all dashboard suction phone mounts including Garmin, TomTom, and Magellan GPS pedestals. Its strong 3M VHB adhesive tape sticks well to almost all textured surfaces so you never have to worry about dropping your GPS mount even when driving on rough roads. This semi-permanent disk is easy to remove simply by applying a generous amount of rubbing alcohol or similar adhesive removal product to the area using a cotton swab.


ARKON APVHB20 Adhesive Mounting Disk

  • Extra-strength adhesive
  • Super sticky
  • Compatible with Arkon mounting pedestals
  • Includes an alcohol cleaning pad

Here’s a semi-permanent solution to your mounting problems. This 90mm mounting disk features an extra-strong 3M VHB adhesive that allows you to securely mount an Arkon or third-party 80mm windshield suction mounting pedestal to your car’s dashboard. It is applicable to the following Arkon mounting pedestal models: CM017-KST-2SH, CM078WD-SBH, RM080AMPS, RM0792TWD, and RM0802T. To apply, simply remove the paper backing from the disk, then place and press it down on a previously-cleaned surface.

Having a reliable adhesive mounting disk for your GPS, tablet, or phone allows you to conveniently view your maps and messages without the need to take your eyes off the road. You get to easily navigate while driving, reducing the chances of getting into an accident.