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A Rundown of the Best E-book Readers

If you love books, you surely have heard of e-book readers, which have risen in popularity over the years. While many book lovers would not exchange the joy they get from holding a real book in their hands, many others are transitioning to the e-book reader bandwagon. They really can’t be blamed, though. Nothing beats having access to volumes of books in your pocket or backpack everywhere you go — something you can’t do with physical books.

E-book readers — also called e-readers — come with different features, making it difficult for the new convert to choose one for himself. To make the decision easier for you, we have rounded up our top 6 picks for the best e-book readers.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is an e-book reader?

    Answer: An e-book reader is a portable electronic device used to read e-books and other digital reading material. It has a form similar to that of tablets, but does not employ an LCD screen. E-readers use electronic paper instead, which does not use as much battery power as LCD screens. E-paper also has better readability, but can be slow and yields only black and white or grayscale displays.

  2. Why should you choose e-book readers over physical books?

    Answer: The main selling point of e-book readers is the convenience they afford book lovers. They are portable, travel-friendly, and can store thousands of e-books. It’s like having a library in your hand!

  3. What factors should you consider in buying an e-book reader?

    Answer: The first thing you need to consider is the screen — how big and how clear it is. Since you will be reading on the device, you best make sure that the screen does not strain your eyes. You should also consider the size and the weight of the device, the e-book formats it supports, and the interface. Other features to consider include storage, text-to-speech capability, and wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. Of course, it pays to consider the price of the device, and how much you are willing to spend for extra features.

Our Top Picks


BOOX Nova2

  • 7.8″ high-resolution E-ink touchscreen
  • Sleek and compact
  • Adjustable light for day and night reading
  • Note-taking function

Read, take notes, sketch, and more with the Onyx Boox Nova2. Sleek and compact, it easily fits in one hand for easy reading. It is USB-C OTG compatible, so you can take thousands of books with you — the only limit is the size of your USB! With the Nova2’s 7.8-inch high-resolution 300ppi flush E Ink screen, you can read text that is sharper and crisper it’s as if you’re reading from a real, physical book. The features don’t end here. It also comes with a stylus for taking notes and sketching. It has dual-touch capacity, supports dual-band WiFi, runs on Android 9.0, and is fully customizable. Learn more about the Onyx Boox Nova2 from this video review.


Likebook Mars E-Reader

  • 7.8″ 300PPI high-res E-ink screen
  • octa-core 1.5G processor
  • Adjustable light for day and night reading
  • 128GB Extended memory

Sit back and relax with the Likebook Mars E-Reader. With its high-speed processor and Android 6.0 OS, data transfer support through Bluetooth and WiFi, you are guaranteed a pleasurable reading experience unlike any other. Its reading lights have day and night modes, allowing you to read any time of the day. It’s the perfect companion for anyone who loves to read, thanks to the ultra-high definition screen that makes text and even comics look like they are printed on real paper. Here is a detailed review video of the Likebook Mars.


All-new Kindle

  • Glare-free 167 PPI touchscreen
  • Adjustable front light
  • Distraction-free reading
  • Long battery life

Here is another addition to the growing Amazon Kindle family. If you are a kindle loyalist, you will surely like the All-New Kindle (Kindle 10th Generation) with a built-in front light. It has all the features you have grown to love from the Kindle: a glare-free display that reads just like real, physical paper (even under the sun!), battery power that lasts weeks, and a distraction-free reading experience. Thanks to the addition of the front light, you can enjoy reading night or day, and if you subscribe to kindle Unlimited, you will have access to a massive selection of titles and even audiobooks. Watch this video review to see if it is a go or a no-go. for the All-New Kindle.


Kobo Clara HD

  • 6″ E-ink touchscreen
  • Up to 6000 e-books
  • Built-in comfort light
  • Portable and lightweight

The Kobo Clara HD is a basic and straightforward e-book reader for the serious book lover. It works on the premise that enjoying a good read does not require all the trimmings other e-readers have: all you need is yourself and the Kobo Clara and you’re good to go. Read even under direct sunlight with its anti-glare screen, or read at night with its warm light function that does not strain the eyes. Enjoy up to 6000 ebooks with its 8GB capacity, or use with the OverDrive app to borrow reading greats from your local public library. Click here for an insightful video review of the Kobo Clara HD.


Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight 3 eReader

  • Crisp text on 6″ glare-free screen
  • GlowLight illumination
  • Soft touch finish
  • Extended battery life

If you are looking for an e-reader that can easily fit into your pocket while still allowing you to read on the go, then the Nook GlowLight 3 is the one for you. Lightweight and aptly-sized, the GlowLight 3 has a soft-touch finish that allows you to comfortably hold the device in one hand. With e-ink technology, you can read on a digital screen that looks like paper and does not strain the eyes. The addition of adjustable light makes even nighttime reading possible. It even offers a quicker reading experience, thanks to the page-turning buttons on the side. Carry thousands of e-books with you and go up to 50 days on a single charge. If you wish to learn more about this Nook device, watch this video review.


Kindle Paperwhite – Now Waterproof

  • 300 PPI glare-free toucscreen
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in adjustable light
  • Now with Audible

Kindle aficionados will surely love the Kindle Paperwhite, which has all the features its users have come to love and more. Now made thinner and more lightweight, the Kindle Paperwhite allows for more hours of comfortable reading. You can read day or night with the built-in adjustable light that illuminates the glare-free screen. Using 300 ppi e-ink technology, this device displays clearer and crisper text without the eyestrain. You get all these features and more from the new Kindle Paperwhite that is now made waterproof — now you can even read by the water! If you need more info about this Kindle device, click this link for a video review.

Who says you can’t have your own library and take it along with you wherever you go? With an e-book reader, you’ll have access to thousands of e-books anytime, anywhere. Get one now!