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A Quick Guide on Home Railing Planters

Living in urban landscapes mean dwelling in surroundings that lack natural, thriving greenery. You can still tend a mini garden though and plant the best outdoor apartment flora using railing planters. Railing planters are convenient, distinctive holders for plants which can be dangled from the railing of your abode. For the essentials on these goods and great products to try, do check out our guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the benefits of having railing planters?

    Answer: The railing planter is the best gardening option for smaller living outdoor spaces. It is designed to take advantage of limited spaces around your outdoor apartment so you can add some green and color in your dwelling. Railing planters range from flower boxes, hanging flower pots down to pocket-style planters. Materials used to make railing planters range from plastic, steel to durable felt.

  2. Any useful tips for hanging railing planters?

    Answer: Avoid damage on the railing when using this type of planter. If you are using planters with metal brackets, make sure that you fasten the planter carefully so as not to scratch or damage the railing. You can also opt for planters with plastic or rubber-coated brackets instead. For better airflow, ensure that the foundation of the planter between the railing space has sufficient space. If your railing planter does not have drain holes, it is best that you add holes on its sides close to its base and prevent the planter from draining water thru the bottom. The railing planter should be fastened securely as well. Guarantee that it’s attached tightly so it will not crash down in the event of high, blustery winds.

  3. How do you secure a railing planter?

    Answer: There are several ways to fasten and secure your railing planter. You can tie it using a rope or a chain, but this method is more ideal if the planter is lightweight. Using screws is a semi-permanent method—screws are ideal for attaching planters that are flat-bottomed and made from resin, plastic, wood or metal. To prevent damage on the railing, you can make use of brackets—these brackets are either used to overlap on the railing to dangle the planter on both sides or they might feature an L shape, which holds the plants on a single side of the railing. Brackets for these planters can be fastened using hooks or screws. Another excellent method is to use straddles—these are boxes with a specific design which allows planters to be fastened on a railing securely. Straddles already include built-in space for maximum airflow and drainage holes.

Our Top Picks


ALMI Balcony Deck Rail Planter Box with Drainage Trays

  • Bridge flower pot design
  • Great for most outdoor plant arrangements
  • Suits nearly all rail figures
  • Weather-resistant and durable

Make your apartment balcony a sight to see in the spring time and summer through the ALMI Balcony Deck Rail Planter Box with Drainage Trays. Made from sturdy, UV-treated plastic material, this planter features a wider opening at 8 cm to fit majority of rail figures. It also comes with a specific design on its bottom which allows for easier set-ups. The planter also supports a good deal of outdoor plant arrangements whether flowering plants, herbs or vegetables.


ANGTUO Vertical Hanging Garden Planter with 6 Pockets

  • Suspended planting bag style
  • Made from environment-friendly felt materials
  • Ideal for flowering plants, specific herbs, fruit and vegetable plants
  • Makes for a great decoration

The ANGTUO Vertical Hanging Garden Planter with 6 Pockets allows you to tend a neat range of greenery—you can mix your flowering plants, fruit and veg-bearing greens and herbs in just one planting system. The planter comes with six pockets all made from high-quality, durable and eco-friendly felt materials. The design also allows sufficient room for plants to grow and ample space for sunlight.


Tosnail 3 Pack Hanging Railing Planter

  • Has strong steel built
  • Ideal for railings, porch, patio, balconies and fences
  • Adds an ornamental touch
  • Has hanging bar and back support

Do not let your gardening tendencies go to waste. Just take advantage of the Tosnail 3 Pack Hanging Railing Planter to add color to your outdoors. This 3-piece railing planter pack is made from high-quality, durable steel plus it already includes a hanging bar and back support. Due to its imaginative design, the railing planter also supplements your outdoors with a cheerful, decorative kick.


Active Gear Guy Vertical Hanging Outdoor Wall Planter

  • Ideal for flowering plants, herbs and succulents
  • Convenient gardening for apartment-dwellers
  • Made from durable, breathable felt material
  • Easier plant transplants

The Active Gear Guy Vertical Hanging Outdoor Wall Planter presents an ideal space for all of your herbs, succulents and flowering plants. Whether you want to add more green to your abode or get quick access to fresh herbs, this outdoor wall planter is your best bet for urban gardening. The planter is made with sturdy felt and includes strong metal grommets throughout its edges to accommodate a variety of fastening/dangling plant set-ups.


Panacea Products Flat Iron Series 30-inch Window/Deck Planter

  • Durable steel with powder-coated finish
  • Includes liner
  • Elegant black color
  • Self-draining window and deck planter

The Panacea Products Flat Iron Series 30-inch Window/Deck Planter has an elegant steel design with a powder-coated finish, tinted in a sleek and chic black hue. This window and deck planter comes in a good range of sizes too from the standard 30 to a bigger 48 inches. Ideal for planting herbs plus a great selection of flowering plants. Provides a decorative touch to your apartment deck or window.


Amagabeli 4 Pack Metal Hanging Planter Basket with Coco Coir Liner

  • Sturdy steel rod built
  • Has durable black vinyl rust-proof finish
  • Includes coco liner
  • Ideal for the porch, railing, lawn, deck or balcony

The Amagabeli 4 Pack Metal Hanging Planter Basket with Coco Coir Liner is one tough steel planter with corrosion-proof back vinyl coating. In fact, all components of these hanging planters are powder-coated for durability. Another advantage of this planter is its coco liners—the liners allow gardeners to put fertilizer on it or if you prefer, you can put an additional plastic layer to keep the soil damp and retain moisture.

Tired of the drab outdoors around your urban dwelling? It’s time to wear those gardening gloves and plant lovely greens and flora inside sturdy, high-quality railing planters. Choose from our list for the best options.