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A Handy Guide on Watering Cans

Gardening requires specific maintenance procedures like weeding and watering. However, when it comes to watering, not all plants need the same volume of water. There are plants that require a gentle misting of water while some need water dispensed directly on the soil. To take better control of this procedure, gardeners need a good watering can. Know more about this humble yet beneficial gardening maintenance tool through this guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the benefits of a watering can?

    Answer: The watering can allow users to take better control of the flow of water around plants. Compared to using a sprinkler or a hose, there is no water wastage since you will be able to adjust the amount of water that every specific plant needs. Measuring the amount of water that sprinklers and hoses release can be difficult, unlike watering cans. Using a watering can is also simple; there’s no need to fiddle with it that much unlike sprinklers and hoses. The watering can does not require too much maintenance as well.

  2. What are the different kinds of watering cans?

    Answer: The main types of watering cans include the plastic watering can, which is light and pretty simple to refill with water. High-quality plastic watering cans are also quite durable. Get one that is free from BPA and other similar harmful elements and extend its lifespan by storing it away from direct sunlight. The metal watering can is the most durable among types—you will find models made from galvanized steel, brass and copper. Most steel watering cans are also corrosion-resistant. Metal types can be decorative too. For indoor plant watering, there’s the long-spout watering can—it’s designed to help gardeners reach hanging plants. Indoor plant misters on the other hand provide a gentle missing on outdoor and indoor plants that only require a lighter volume of water.

  3. What factors should I consider when looking for quality watering cans?

    Answer: First, you need to consider the capacity you need since this factor will be based on the kind of job you have to accomplish. For indoor plants, you only need a small watering can while bigger outdoor gardens or yards will require you to get cans with capacity by the gallons. A convenient design will also make handling the watering can easier for you so get one that has an ergonomic design—something with two handles makes for better grip and balance. You also need to consider the water flow provided by the can—check the kind of plants on your home or yard since not all plants, as mentioned earlier, require the same volume of water. If you have hanging plants or plants that are hard to reach underneath, get one that has a longer, curved spout.

Our Top Picks


IMEEA Bonsai Watering Can

  • 900ML capacity
  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • Hand-polished brushed finish
  • Ideal for outdoor/indoor plants

The IMEEA Bonsai Watering Can has a 900ML capacity, made durable by its sturdy stainless steel built and hand-polished, brushed finish. Its interesting design makes for a decorative approach on your watering. The longer spout allows for easy access underneath plants while it’s semi-open filling hole averts leaking. This is a tasteful watering can that is recommended for both indoor and outdoor flora.


MyLifeUNIT Plastic Watering Can

  • Quality resin construction
  • Ideal for indoor use
  • Longer stem spout
  • Bigger handle

The MyLifeUNIT Plastic Watering Can has a 1-quart capacity, made with high-quality resin material for longer use. This is a good indoor watering can since it’s longer stem spout is spill-proof and it can reach hanging plants with minimal effort. The bigger handle makes for a better grip while its no-cap design allows users to fill the water with less fuss.


Bangerz Sunz Elephant Watering Can

  • Made from durable, weather-resistant plastic
  • Cute elephant design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 2-quart capacity

The Bangerz Sunz Elephant Watering Can is crafted from sturdy, weather-resistant plastic with a built designed to tolerate high impact. Its adorable elephant design has instant appeal as well. The curved loop handle makes dispensing water an effortless task while it’s extended elephant snout spout and smaller opening makes for better water flow control. Great for indoor plants and watering hard-to-reach areas. Made in the U.S.A following strict quality standards.


Darice Galvanized Metal Watering Can

  • Sturdy galvanized steel built
  • Functional and ornamental
  • Great for outdoor watering
  • Has rosette diffuser

The Darice Galvanized Metal Watering Can not only allows better water flow control, it also includes a convenient rosette diffuser which you can use for delicate plants and growing seedlings. It is made from high-quality galvanized steel that’s not only functional, but complemented very well by its shiny silver appearance, thereby making the piece a decorative one to boot.


Purism Style Plant Mister

  • Eye-catching rose pink color glass
  • Handy plant mister
  • Hip vintage style
  • Handmade brass mist sprayer

The Purism Style Plant Mister with its stunning vintage style and muted, pretty rose-pink color will not only provide water for delicate plants, it also allows you to take care of your greenery and blooms in style. The handmade brass mister is ideal for indoor plants and it’s very easy to use—you only need to pump the mister with your thumb like you do with perfume bottles to release a fine spray of water.


WitnyStore Polka Dot Watering Can

  • 250 ml. capacity
  • Delightful polka dot design
  • Good range of colors
  • Sturdy tin built

The WitnyStore Polka Dot Watering Can will add more color to your garden, be it indoor or outdoor, due to its refreshing mix of polka dots and lovely colors. This sturdy tin can feature colors ranging from fuchsia, white and silver tones. The handy watering can features a wide-angled diffuser spout for producing a moderate trickle of water. Not too heavy nor too light, the weight of the can along with the water is just right for some gardening maintenance.

Watering cans should be a staple on your garden for better water flow control. Enhance the beauty of your outdoor and indoor gardens with quality, decorative watering cans.