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A Guide on Quality Egg Cookers

The classic egg salad and other tasty recipes involving this food staple require perfectly-cooked eggs for maximum flavor. Not all recipes though call for the same hard-boiled eggs—some call for soft-boiled ones and each type of cooked egg calls for a different cooking time. To prevent overcooking, the humble egg cooker will do all the work for you. Get the essentials on cooking eggs the right way through this guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the benefits of buying an egg cooker?

    Answer: Buying an egg cooker offers several benefits. For starters, egg cookers features beepers and timers which minimize the time spent on cooking eggs. All users need to do is keep track of the water level, program the timer and allow the cooker to do the whole cooking. Egg cookers are also portable and compact so they’re good for outdoor trips and camping. They are also great dorm essentials and most models are affordable.

  2. What should I look for in a functional egg cooker?

    Answer: Egg cookers differ when it comes to capacity. Look for the one which accommodates the capacity you need—whether you want to cook a single egg or several of them at once. There are also models which have additional features like poached egg cooking options or an omelet tray—get this model if you want something versatile. Egg cookers vary in terms of material as well—some are made from stainless steel or aluminum while some are crafted from plastic, some are also a combination of all three materials. The base of the cooker typically features material that conducts heat properly. Plastic egg cookers should be free from BPA. If you want durability, get ones made from quality metal material. Quality egg cookers also feature alarms and automatic shutoff for the best cooked eggs.

  3. How do you use egg cookers?

    Answer: Egg cookers usually include an instruction material on how to operate the device. Majority of them already include a measuring cup so users will get the right water level for the procedure. First, you need to add the water, put the eggs on the slots, program the timer correctly for soft-cooked or hard-boiled eggs. Close the lid of the device and plug it in to begin the cooking procedure. The device will beep as soon as the egg is cooked. If the model comes with automatic shutoff, it will immediately stop operations as soon as the water dries out.

Our Top Picks


Holstein Housewares 8-Egg Capacity Two Tier Electric Egg Cooker

  • Cooks soft, medium, or hard-boiled
  • Includes an egg piercer and buzzer
  • Detachable parts for easy cleaning
  • Small footprint on your countertop

The Holstein Housewares Two-Tier Egg Cooker is easy to use. Cook 4 to 8 eggs, or 2 to 4 sausages, in just minutes! Use the included measuring cup to calibrate the water and have eggs just the way you like them: soft, medium, or hard-boiled. This functional appliance also comes with an egg piercer and has a buzzer for you to know when the eggs are ready.


Nostalgia EC7AQ Retro Premium 7 Capacity Electric Large Hard-Boiled Egg Cooker

  • Cooks up to 7 eggs at a time
  • Comes with measuring cup, tray, egg bowl & egg white separator
  • Also great for steaming vegetables
  • Alarm sounds when eggs are done cooking

Cook the perfect healthy egg every time with this 7-egg cooker! Perfect for making hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, various salads and more – this egg cooker can even be used to steam vegetables and make dumplings! Cooking eggs is easy – just add water and the alarm will sound once the eggs are done. All parts are detachable, making it easy to clean. This is the best way to prepare quick, healthy breakfasts!


Sistema Microwave Cookware Easy Eggs

  • Can be used in the microwave
  • Great for several egg-cooking methods
  • Made from 100% virgin BPA/phthalate-free plastic
  • Top-rack dishwasher-safe

The Sistema Microwave Cookware Easy Eggs is a good way to get fast boiled, scrambled or poached eggs. The device is made from high-quality, safe plastic that’s free from BPA elements and phthalates. To reduce spatters during cooking, the egg cooker also includes a steam release vent. Cleanup is easier on this device since its built is top-rack dishwasher-safe. In case you want to store leftover eggs in this cookware, the device is also freezer and fridge-safe.


PowerDoF Egg Cooker

  • Multifunctional device
  • Egg rack with handle, poaching tray and measuring cup
  • Cooks 14 eggs
  • Includes automatic shutoff functions

The PowerDoF Egg Cooker is the egg cooker for those who are after a versatile device—due to its two-layer system, it allows steaming vegetables, meat and seafood along with the eggs. The unit already comes with an egg rack, a poaching tray and a measuring cup. It can also cook 14 eggs at once. The auto-off function stops operations once the water dries up. The device also makes steaming and cooking eggs faster compared to ordinary stovetop cooking methods.


KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker with Water Level Indicator

  • Includes removable egg holder
  • Cooks up to 7 eggs simultaneously
  • Has two poaching trays
  • Includes measuring cup

The KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker with Water Level Indicator has sufficient room to cook 7 eggs at once. Thus, it’s a great companion for cooking egg-based dishes. Apart from boiling eggs, the system also allows poaching and omelet-making. Very user-friendly too—it includes a measuring cylinder so you can select the proper amount of water for cooking eggs a specific way. The device will release a buzzing sound as soon as the eggs are ready for your enjoyment.


Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

  • Allows several egg-cooking methods
  • Lightweight and compact egg cooker
  • Includes automatic shutoff
  • Has poaching tray, omelet tray, egg holder and measuring cup

The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker not only accommodates the specific methods you like for your eggs, whether it’s boiled, poached or perfectly done omelets, this device will serve you. More ways to cook eggs are also encouraged thanks to the extra recipe book. Has automatic shutoff, a 6-egg holder, poaching and omelet trays plus measuring cup. Lightweight and portable enough for your outdoor trips.


Mueller Rapid Egg Cooker

  • Cooks soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs
  • Works within 10 minutes
  • Buzzes when eggs are ready
  • Includes automatic shutoff

The Mueller Rapid Egg Cooker delivers freshly-cooked eggs by way of its convenient features. It releases an audible but not overwhelming buzzing noise once the egg is cooked. It also comes with automatic shutoff so your soft-boiled, medium-cooked or hard-boiled eggs are done with perfection. Very durable built with a brushed stainless steel lid. Looks great on the kitchen counter.


Eggssentials Poached Egg Maker

  • Made from high-quality heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Includes Quick-Cool Bakelite knob
  • Has thick tempered glass lid
  • Includes non-stick cooking surface

The Eggssentials Poached Egg Maker is easy to use and will craft the best eggs for your favorite egg-based recipes. It is made from quality, durable stainless steel with an extra-thick tempered glass lid. The device also comes with 4 separate non-stick insert cups which removes effortlessly. The tempered glass lid include steam bent locks so users can check the state of their eggs during the cooking process. For those who want their boiled eggs fast and done the right way, this is a nice option.

Egg cookers bring many benefits to the table. Whether you need hardboiled ones, soft-cooked eggs or poached, the egg cooker will do the job for you, fast and easy.