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A Guide on Practical Desk Charging Stations

If you fancy electronic gadgets, you might have a variety of popular electronics on hand. Smartphones, tablets, notebooks, computers and laptops are nice things to have since these devices make work easier and they are excellent sources of entertainment and activities. The problem with these devices though is its use of cables for recharging and operations. A mismanaged pile of wires on your desk can look messy and even become dangerous at times. The modern office is packed with cables but they can be managed by using extension cords, cord covers, cable clips and innovative devices like charging station organizer.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a charging station do?

    Answer: The charging station is a type of device that accommodates various chargers and cables in just one convenient spot. This is one handy tool which helps juice up a few electronics without the disarray—it’s a good addition for workspaces, families and electronic gadget enthusiasts.

  2. What is the benefit of using a charging station?

    Answer: The primary advantage of using a charging station is that it simplifies charging electronics. You get to have your phones, tablets and notebooks charged in just one convenient area. There’s no need to look for all available electrical outlets. There’s no need to deal with unruly cables too. The charging station streamlines this task for a more structured home or workspace.

  3. What should I consider when buying charging stations?

    Answer: There are charging stations that will only cater to a specific gadget—iPhones or Apple products, while there are also more versatile models which can accommodate gadgets varying in sizes. Versatile charging stations also come with several charging ports to support different electronics. Make sure to assess the capabilities of the charging station to suit your needs. Fast-charging capabilities on charging stations differ for Android and iPhones. You can also opt to get a charging station that has wireless charging capabilities in case you want to get gadgets that support such features.

Our Top Picks


Tessan Power Strip 3 USB / 3 Outlets

  • Widely-spaced Outlets
  • USB Fast Charging
  • Charges up to 6 devices
  • 5ft Extension Cord
  • 45-degree angled Plug

TESSAN Power Strip with 3 USB 3 Outlet helps you eliminate the hassle of carrying multiple chargers and saves space. At the same time, 3 widely-spaced AC outlets accommodate larger plugs without blocking. Also, it supports the smart-charging technology(2.4A Max Per Port, 3A in total) . 5 ft extension cable is flexible enough that you can reach the distant socket. The biggest highlight is the design of a 45-degree right angled flat plug which does not block the bottom socket of the duplex wall outlet. Therefore, it can fit in tight spots behind furniture. When using the socket, the furniture can be closer to the wall to save space.


Great Useful Stuff Eco Bamboo Multi-Device Charging Station Dock & Organizer

  • Supports various devices
  • Professional organizer
  • Eco-friendly bamboo
  • Ergonomic design

The Eco Bamboo Multi-Device Charging Station from Great Useful Stuff is not only functional, it’s also nice to look at. The bamboo design of this charging station will definitely provide a nice aesthetic kick to your workspace or home. It has sufficient room for 3 vertical smartphones and a rear slot meant for smaller laptops, notebooks and tablets. Messy cables are also taken care of—all cords are routed by means of an empty box under the charging station. This option features a magnetic base to prevent things from slipping. You do have to provide your own charger though because it does not contain one.


EasyAcc Charging Stations

  • High-quality leather
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Wide compatibility
  • Has magnetic base

Make your room, workspace or home free from cable clutter by choosing to use EasyAcc Charging Stations. One highlight of this option is its high-quality, waterproof leather material that is guaranteed to last. This model features not only USB ports (6 all in all) but it also comes with an extra drawer where you can keep spare cables plus a convenient spot where you can stash pens, scissors and other work supplies. It is simple to set up and indeed helps in giving your working area that structured feel it needs.


MobileVision Bamboo Charging Station

  • Durable, strong magnets
  • Universally compatible
  • Deeper base
  • Charges most USB devices

Do you want a charging station that has excellent aesthetics, functionality and versatility? You better check out the Bamboo Charging Station from MobileVision then. Apart from presenting spots for various electronic devices up for charging, this charging station slash organizer is also equipped with cubby holes for keeping various office sundries and a deep base for hiding cables and charging strips. Your electronics are kept safe and secured as well due to the strong magnets—they support the base and the lid to keep your devices in place.


Simicore Charging Station for Multiple Devices

  • Charges up to 6 devices
  • Smart Charging Technology
  • High-tech circuitry
  • Rubbery base for safety

The Simicore Charging Station will make your workspace or home more organized. The risks of tripping over charging cables will be lessened. This versatile charging station can support up to 6 devices—it is equipped with 4 slots plus USB ports. The charging station can also charge all devices fastened on it at once. It suits gadgets that rely on USB capabilities too. This charging station is also fashioned with dividers which further encourage organization—you can arrange all of your gadgets in one neat sequence. The divider will also light up to indicate which of the devices are currently charged.


SIIG 90W Smart 10-Port USB Charging Station

  • Charges 10 USB devices max
  • Auto-detection Smart IC
  • 8 separate open slots
  • Non-slip cushioned deck

The SIIG 90W Smart 10-Port USB Charging Station is designed with 10 charging ports and slots for up to 8 electronic devices. This is a nice charging station for the home or small offices. It has safety features too—for one, it stops charging immediately as soon as the specific gadget is full. The non-slip cushioned deck will also help protect your devices from slipping and budging around, thereby limiting chances of scratches and dents. Another high point of this charging station is its charging deck with LED light, which is useful for juicing up smartwatches. Overall, this is a great buy due to its capability to allocate power throughout every device connected.


AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 6-Port USB Wall Charger

  • Charges at full speed
  • Quick Charge 3.0
  • AiPower-adaptive charging
  • Built-in safeguards

The AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 6-Port USB Wall Charger has sufficient power to charge multiple devices all together at full speeds. This option accommodates fast charging too—the handy charging station presents 1 Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 ports. This model also comes with 4 AiPower ports which can juice supported electronics up to 2.4A. To keep all gadgets safe against the threat of overcharging and overheating, the station has included safeguards to extend the functionality of your beloved devices.

Charge all of your electronics in one accessible spot by using charging stations. They will not only reduce clutter, charging stations will also help promote safety by ridding the area of stray cables. Have one in your workspace or home for convenient charging situations.