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6 Effective Blue Light Blocking Glasses to Try

More and more people are tuning in to the internet today by way of their computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. These days, we make use of our preferred electronics to do our work, study and do research and maintain daily business operations. However, with long-term exposure, the blue lights that our computers and laptops emit can do more harm than good on our eyes. Thankfully, we can always rely on quality blue light blocking glasses to prevent such conditions.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the benefits of blue light blocking glasses?

    Answer: There are two essential benefits that blue light blocking glasses provide. For one, it prevents AMD or Age-Related Macular Degeneration. The glasses, due to their built and design, are made to block blue lights from damaging the eyes. It stops blurry vision as well, which is a symptom of AMD. Another top benefit of blue light blocking glasses is that it minimizes eye strain, thus it keeps you more awake and improves productivity while working or studying in front of your computer or laptop.

  2. What factors should I consider when looking for quality blue light blocking glasses?

    Answer: First, you need to consider the type of blue light blocking glasses that will suit the activity that you usually do the most with computers like studying, using it for work or business, playing online games or reading eBooks using a handheld device. A good pair of glasses is choosing one that fits properly—make sure the pair is not too tight or too heavy. Blue light blocking glasses come in a good range of styles as well—choose one that best fits the eyeglass frame style you’re into. Blue light blocking glasses are also available in a variety of price points. Some opt to invest in more expensive pairs but there are also affordable ones which work just as great as high-end blue light blocking glasses.

  3. How do you clean blue light blocking glasses?

    Answer: There are two common methods to clean this type of glasses. First, get a bowl and fill it with warm water. Dip the glasses on the water then rub the lens parts using a microfiber cloth. You can also clean the glasses through the faucet steam method; run the faucet using hot water. As soon as steam rises, position the glasses close to the steam. Make sure that the lenses are fogged sufficiently then wipe the glasses with a microfiber cloth.

Our Top Picks


Ocushield Anti Blue Light Glasses

  • FDA approved anti blue light glasses
  • Provides 94%+ clarity
  • Case + Cleaning Cloth included
  • £1 donated to Fight For Sight per purchase
  • Highest Quality Products

Ocushield anti blue light glasses are the best in class for blocking harmful blue light before it reaches your eyes. This keeps your eyes feeling fresh, reducing dryness and allowing you to focus for longer. The products were designed by Optometrists in the UK and are suitable for professionals, commuters and gamers.

Ocushield offers blue light protection in many different product types including options for your tablets, smartphones, or even glasses that simply go on your face. For those with prescription glasses looking for a solution for blocking harmful blue light should check out Ocushield’s clip-on glasses, which work very well and are extremely lightweight so they don’t are barely noticeable ontop of your normal specs.

Here is an in depth video review of Ocusheild’s products worth taking a look at.


Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses with SCT-Orange Lens

  • Uses SCT (Spectrum Control Technology)
  • Minimizes eye strain
  • Features multiangle views
  • Includes adjustable Duoflex temples

The Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses has orange lenses which utilize Spectrum Control Technology. This specific technology takes in 98 percent of blue light released by laptop, computer and tablet screens, thus reducing possibilities of acquiring macular degeneration, cataracts and eye strain. The glasses feature a 3-position lens inclination set-up for the best viewing angles. To make wearing the glasses a comfort, these blue light blocking lenses also include adjustable-length Duoflex temples for a secure yet comfortable fit.


KLIM OTG Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  • Prevent eye strain and headaches during computer use
  • Enhances sleep
  • Filters 86% of blue lights
  • Convenient and budget-friendly clip-on model

At times, it can be heard to look for blue light blocking lenses for individuals with higher prescriptions. Thus, this is where a clip-on pair is needed, like the KLIM OTG Blue Light Blocking Glasses. The pair readily absorbs blue lights by a good 86 percent. It minimizes headaches and eye fatigue usually experienced with frequent computer, laptop and tablet use. The lenses are also lightweight at 15 grams and it will not add lots of weight on your glasses.


Livhò Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  • Reduces 90% blue light
  • Eases eye strain and dry eyes
  • Has transparent lenses
  • UV-400 lenses

The Livhò Blue Light Blocking Glasses has been proven effective in cutting blue lights through a blue light test, effectively minimizing exposure to blue lights by a notable 90 percent. The lenses also have UV-400 properties which means it is capable of blocking, reflecting and taking in UV rays by an impressive 100 percent. Its system allows for eye-fatigue and headache-free computer usage.


LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  • Reflects and filters blue lights
  • Stops color distortion
  • Has 7-layer antireflective coating
  • Lightweight universal size

The LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses helps prevent eye fatigue and blurred vision through its excellent reflecting and filtering capabilities. Another highlight of this device is that its lenses feature an impressive hydrophobic antireflective coating so this means it does not have any obvious orange or yellow tint. This pair is also recommended as a nice sleeping aid.


Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

  • Has UV-400 properties
  • Impact-resistant, clear computer lenses
  • Flexible and lightweight TR90 nylon frame
  • Enhances sleep

If you are in the market for a good pair of blue light blocking computer glasses, the Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses might be the pair for you. It does not only feature an excellent UV-400 rating, it also comes with efficient blue light reflecting and absorbing abilities. It is less reflective and comfortable to wear due to its lightweight TR90 nylon frame. Also great for those into retro style glasses.


Gamma Ray Optics Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  • Includes non-polarized, antireflective lenses
  • 53 mm lens width
  • UV-400 protection
  • Flexible and lightweight

The Gamma Ray Optics Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses has a reasonable price but it works hard to prevent blue lights from doing a number on your eyes. It has the ability to cut down an excellent 97 percent of blue lights plus it comes with UV-400 protection too. This unisex pair’s frames are made from high-grade, lightweight and flexible plastic that is a comfort to wear for an extended period of time.

Take care of your eyes but using quality blue light blocking glasses. These glasses will ensure great eye health at all times even during prolonged computer, laptop and tablet usage. Wearing a pair also means less eye strain, headaches and more productivity at work and school.